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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
For enrollment verification to Veteran’s Administration, Pell
Grant, federal and state grants, student loan agencies, insurance
companies, and other funding sources and agencies outside
EITC, only credits which are required to satisfy graduation
requirements of the specific certificate/degree program in which
the student is enrolled will be used for enrollment status (or
approved substitutions). The following schedule will be used:
12 or more credits per semester
6 or more credits per summer term
3⁄4 time 9-11 credits per semester
4-5 credits per summer term
1⁄2 time 6-8 credits per semester
3 credits per summer term
Less than 1⁄2 time Fewer than 6 credits per semester
Fewer than 3 credits per summer term
**Summer Full-Time Status: 6 credits
**A student’s faculty advisor and the Registrar must approve a Spring
or Fall term credit load above 19 credit hours and a
Summer term credit load above 9 credit hours.
Refund of tuition is based upon the date of notification of
Tuition Refunds will be made as follows:
Withdrawal prior to first day of term - 100%
Withdrawal during first week of course - 100%*
Withdrawal during the second week of course - 50%
Withdrawal during the third week of course - 25%
No refund after the third week of course
*The 100% refund policy during the first week of the term
applies only to single course withdrawals. Total withdrawal
from all courses during the first week of the term will result in a
75% refund.
Module tuition refunds will be made as follows:
Withdrawal prior to first day of module course – 100%
Withdrawal during first week of module course – 50%
No refund after the 1st week of module course
A $10 administrative fee will be deducted for all refund
checks except those issued for canceled courses. A $10
administrative fee will be added to any amount left owing to
EITC. Some miscellaneous fees are not refundable. These are
set by the Division. Financial aid recipients may be required to
repay some or all financial aid upon withdrawal, depending on
the type of aid received, the documented last day of attendance,
and applicable rules and regulations governing financial aid.
The refund policy is not changed for late registrants. Eastern
Idaho Technical College reserves the right to deduct from the
refund any outstanding bills to the extent allowed by federal
regulations. Refunds will first be used to offset any financial aid
If your account is delinquent, your registration may be canceled
and your student file put on hold. If you are indebted to the
College (i.e. insufficient fund checks, library fines, coverall fees,
lab fees, etc.), you will not be eligible to receive an official
transcript, certificate, degree, affidavits, or verifications. You
will not be allowed to register for courses until indebtedness
is cleared or arrangements have been made with the Business
This worksheet and all required documentation must be
submitted by the 10th day of the semester in which
reclassification is sought. Failure to provide required
documentation with the worksheet will result in denial of
residency. The requirements for residency are found at Idaho
Code Title 33, Chapter 37 and IDAPA 08.01.04. Determination
Worksheet available on the EITC website that are applicable if
claiming Idaho residency for tuition purposes. Checking any one
box on the Idaho Residency Determination Worksheet does not
establish residency. Records may be requested. The form can be
located on the EITC website at
When you apply to Eastern Idaho Technical College, the College
classifies you as either a resident or non-resident student based
on your application and uses this classification to determine
your tuition and fees. For further information, please contact the
Registrar in Student Services at (208) 535-5361.
The individual must be physically present in Idaho primarily for
purposes other than education. If the individual is a student and
has been enrolled for more than 8 credits at any time during the
past 12 months, Idaho considers that primarily for educational
purposes disqualifying them from Idaho residency, unless the
student can rebut that presumption by proving establishment of
domicile. For complete and current information regarding
residency requirements, see the website below:
Idaho Residence for Tuition Purposes
idaho.gov/public_col_univ/Residency/ residency.asp
A student who feels they meet the qualifications for Idaho
residency must submit an Idaho Residency Determination
Worksheet and all supporting documentation. The deadline for
submission is the 10th day of the semester, although all
qualifications must have been met before the beginning date of
the semester. The student is responsible for payment of fees by
the first day of the semester. If Idaho residency is granted after
this date, the difference in fees will be refunded to the student.
Students will be notified of registration and orientation dates
via their EITC e-mail address. Students are expected to register
according to the registration dates listed in the EITC calendar.
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