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EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE_ _____________________________________________________________ 2016-2017
The Eastern Idaho Technical College catalog is the principal
source for information on academic and technical programs,
institutional data, courses, degree requirements, and all other
services offered by the College. To determine graduation
eligibility, the Registrar follows the requirements defined in a
single edition of EITC’s catalog. Students may select any edition
of the catalog published and in force while they are continuously
enrolled in the program in which they’re graduating. Students
must earn a minimum grade of “C-” in all required courses in
order to meet graduation requirements, unless otherwise stated
in a particular program. In addition, an accumulative grade point
average of 2.0 or higher is required for graduation. The College
reserves the right to make course substitutions for discontinued
courses. If you do not maintain continuous enrollment, you will
lose the right to use the original catalog requirements and must
use the catalog in force at the time of re-enrollment. When
students change their program of study, they must submit an
Intent to Change or Add Program form. Students are required to
graduate under a catalog in effect during their continual
enrollment in the program in which they’re graduating.
Honor Cord: Students completing all of their course work based
on their cumulative GPA at designated date are eligible to wear
an honor cord. This honor designation is based on the December
CUM GPA or their last attended semester (if prior to December).
Honor or High Honor designation is also listed on the certificate/
degree of completion and will include all completed terms.
•Silver Cord:
Cumulative GPA 3.50 to 3.749
•Gold Cord:
Cumulative GPA 3.75 to 4.0
Through authority of the Idaho State Board of Education,
Eastern Idaho Technical College awards the Basic Technical
Certificate, Intermediate Technical Certificate, Advanced
Technical Certificate and the Associate of Applied Science
degree to program graduates.
Apply for graduation by paying the fee at the Cashier’s Office
and submitting an Application for Graduation Form. A $15
graduation fee will be assessed for each certificate and/or degree
received and must be paid before the certificate or degree is
issued. Forms are available online at Admissions/ Registrar/
Forms & Links. Student records are checked carefully for
successful completion of program requirements when the
Application for Graduation is submitted to the Registrar’s
Office; however, it is your responsibility to verify that the degree
audit has been completed and all requirements have been met.
Applications for Graduation are due October 1 for fall or
February 1 for spring and summer. This allows the Registrar’s
Office to complete the degree audit to determine anticipated
completion of the student’s program of study.
All requirements for a certificate or degree must be completed
and official grades reported to the Registrar before a certificate
or degree is issued. A certificate or degree which is awarded in
error, or upon fraudulent claims, will be withdrawn immediately
and the student record corrected. The College reserves the right
to revoke a previously granted certificate/ degree, either for
failure to satisfy the certificate/degree requirements (i.e., a
mistake in granting the certificate/degree), or for fraud or other
academic misconduct on the part of the recipient discovered or
acted upon after the certificate/degree has been awarded.
Certificates or degrees issued by EITC are unique documents.
Duplicates will not be issued.
The AAS degree requires a minimum of 15 hours of General
Education credits (except the Legal Assistant AAS which
requires a minimum of 18 General Education credits). Please
reference the General Education Division Section. Check with
division managers for specific information on the differences
between AAS degree program requirements and the
requirements for certificate programs.
Students seeking a Basic Technical Certificate, Intermediate
Technical Certificate, Advanced Technical Certificate, or an
Associate of Applied Science Degree must complete no fewer
than 25 percent of the credit requirements through Eastern Idaho
Technical College.
Grades reflect the ability of each student to meet the
performance objectives required to complete the program.
Letter grades are given with the following equivalents:
A, A- Excellence in the performance of required objectives
B+, B, B- Above satisfactory achievement of the required
performance objectives
C+, C, C- Satisfactory achievement of the required
performance objectives
D+, D, D- Unsatisfactory achievement of the performance
Failure to meet the minimum performance standards.
No credit is awarded. (Instructors must enter the last
date of attendance when awarding a final grade of F)
AU Student may audit a course if there is available space
in the course and pay the full fee for the course. The
student is not required to complete the homework
and/or tests
CH Challenge courses. You may be granted an
opportunity to challenge a course by passing a
comprehensive test with a grade of “C” or better.
For further information - see “Challenge
CIP In progress, for current term courses where the final
grade has not been submitted and verified
Pass all work completed in a satisfactory manner
By Entrance Exam
W Withdraw. Student withdrew from school prior to
last day to withdraw without penalty according to
official EITC calendar. No credit awarded.
IC Incomplete. When the quality of your work is
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