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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
satisfactory but some essential requirement of
the class has not been completed for reasons
acceptable to the instructor and the Registrar. An
Incomplete grade (IC) may be issued and additional
time granted for completion of the specified course.
An Incomplete is not a substitute for a failing grade
and may be given only when course work can be
completed without further attendance in the
classroom and/or lab. If you receive a grade of IC
you will have until mid-semester (according to the
EITC Official Calendar) after the semester you
received the IC grade to complete the work.
Incompletes are issued on a contractual basis
between the student and the instructor. An
Incomplete Grade contract must be complete by
the instructor issuing the Incomplete (IC) grade
and discussed and signed by the student prior to
the conclusion of the semester. (This is calculated
as “F” until course work is completed which may
impact federal financial aid eligibility.) The official
copy of the IC contract must be submitted to the
Registrar’s Office before the grade entry deadline
date on the Official EITC calendar
Grade Point Average - Transfer Credits:
Grade point averages
for transfer students are based on credits earned only at EITC.
Grade Explanation: The following ARE INCLUDED in the
calculation of grade point averages (GPA):
Points Percentage
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1.0
(except Jan 7, 1998 - Dec 12, 2003 was “0” point)
D = 1 (8/23/93 - 12/08/97)
D = 0 (1/07/97 - 12/12/03)
D = 1 (after 01/01/04)
Figure Your GPA (Grade Point Average):
To calculate grade
point average first multiply the number of credits each class is
worth by the point value for the letter grade earned in that class.
This calculation will give you the grade points for each class.
Next, total the grade points of all courses for that semester and
divide it by the number of credit hours attempted. The result is
your GPA.
Class Grade Points X Credits Total Points
MAT 108
A- 3.7 X 3 = 11.1
ENG 101
C+ 2.3 X 3 = 6.9
COM 101
A 4.0 X 3 = 12
SOC 101
C- 1.7 X 3 = 5.1
12 35.1
GPA = Total Grade Points (35.1) divided by the total credits
(12) = GPA 2.92
The following are not included in the calculation of grade
point averages:
S = By entrance exam
W = Withdrawn
P = Pass
AU = Audit (no credit earned towards certificate/degree
CH = Challenge Exam
IC = Incomplete (Calculates as “F” until course completed)
If a course is failed and repeated with a higher grade the original
failed grade is not calculated in the GPA. If a course is failed
and repeated with a failing grade the failed grade will then be
calculated in the GPA.
Financial Aid will not be received for repeated courses.
Registration Changes
Registration/Schedule changes are the responsibility of the
student. The last day to register or add courses is the fifth day of
the semester/term. Failure to officially drop, withdraw, or change
enrollment constitutes sufficient cause to receive a grade of “F”
in the course. Students should be aware that withdrawal from
courses may decrease veterans’ benefits, financial aid, etc. It is
solely the responsibility of the student to withdraw from a course
or do a total withdrawal. However, a student who does not attend
any of their classes during the first 10 class days of a semester
will be withdrawn from courses by the Registrar’s office. A
student withdrawn for non-attendance at the 10th day will still
be responsible for registration fees according to the refund and
repayment policy.
After the first 10 class days of the semester neither EITC faculty
nor staff will initiate the withdrawal of a student on the basis of
non-attendance unless the student is medically incapacitated.
Students who have withdrawn from all courses for a term will
not be allowed to register for any subsequent courses in the same
A grade of “W” will be entered on the permanent official
transcript for each course if dropped prior to the published
deadline to drop without grade penalty. Students who fail to
complete the official withdrawal process will be considered
enrolled and will be graded accordingly.
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