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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
The Registrar’s Office supplies transcripts of academic
records to students who have no outstanding obligations to the
College. Request a transcript using the online link at least 7-10
working days before you need it. Each copy will be $10.00.
Transcripts on file from other institutions were obtained for
Eastern Idaho Technical College’s use and will not be released to
the student or other institutions.
EITC accepts transfer credit but does not compute grades from
other colleges and universities in the EITC institutional GPA.
Transfer credit will not be evaluated until you have applied for
admission and furnished Student Services with official
transcripts. Transfer credit is generally awarded for work
completed at a post-secondary institution recognized as a college
or university by a regional accrediting association. The Registrar
and appropriate faculty will review courses for transfer prior
to enrollment at EITC to determine applicability to program
graduation requirements. Applicants are encouraged to submit
documents well in advance of their anticipated enrollment date
in order to facilitate the review process. Transfer credit will not
be granted for any course in which a student received less than a
The nature of the subject matter covered in technical course
work is such that frequent changes in course competencies occur
in order to keep pace with industry demands. Because of this,
some previously completed courses may not be of value in
meeting current graduation requirements. The relevancy of
previously completed courses will be evaluated on a case-by-
case basis by appropriate faculty.
For placement purposes, prerequisite mathematics courses must
have been taken within the last seven years.
Students transferring from EITC to other post-secondary
institutions must request their official transcript from EITC be
forwarded to the institution of choice. Receiving institutions
have the prerogative to evaluate the applicability of credits
for transfer. Within Idaho, Boise State University, Idaho State
University, and Lewis-Clark State College have Bachelor of
Applied Science and/or Bachelor of Applied Technology
programs that have been designed specifically for technical
college students who have completed the Associate of Applied
Science degree and wish to continue their education. It is
recommended that interested students contact the college or
university that they plan to attend well in advance of
completing the AAS to obtain specific information regarding
transfer of credit and graduation requirements.
Every student has the right to appeal any action or policy
deemed to be unfairly or improperly imposed.
Academic Grievances:
Academic Standards Committee
(grade changes, withdrawal, etc.)
Discrimination Grievances:
File through the EEO office
General Student Grievances:
For violations of the student code
of conduct and rights/responsibilities
The Campus Appeals Board shall constitute the hearing panel
and will be chaired by the Vice President of Instruction and
Student Affairs. The members of the board shall include two
faculty members, appointed by the Faculty Senate Executive
Board, one member from the Student Services office, appointed
by the Vice President of Instruction and Student Affairs, two
student representatives selected by the Student Senate and the
Vice President of Instruction and Student Affairs .
Step 1.
It is recommended that the student seek out the
individual with whom the student has a grievance to discuss the
issue and reach a mutually acceptable solution.
Step 2.
In the event the complainant cannot reach a suitable
conclusion with the individual with whom she/he has a
grievance, she/he should submit a written appeal to the
appropriate Division Manager. The written appeal must be
presented to the appropriate Division Manager within ten
working days of the grieveable occurrence. In the event the
grievance involves the Division Manager, the appeal may be
submitted to the Vice President of Instruction and Student
Affairs. The Division Manager or Vice President of Instruction
and Student Affairs reviews the information and meets
separately with the student and others as needed and then renders
a decision within five working days. Written notice of the
decision will be sent to the complainant.
Step 3.
If the complainant is not satisfied in Step 2, she/he
may request a review by the Campus Appeals Committee. The
complainant must submit a written request for a hearing by the
Campus Appeals Committee. The request must be submitted
to the chairperson of the Campus Appeals Committee and the
Vice President of Instruction and Student Affairs, within five
days after receiving the decision from Step 2. The chairperson
of the Appeals Committee will arrange for a hearing within ten
days of receipt of the request. Within five days of the conclusion
of the hearing the chairperson will set forth a written document
addressing the decision. A copy of the document will be sent to
the complainant, the Division Manager, the Vice President of
Instruction and Student Affairs, and the College President.
Step 4.
If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of
the hearing with the Appeals Committee in Step 3, she/he may
request a review by the College President. The complainant must
submit a written request to the College President within five days
of the conclusion of Step 3. The College President shall review
the issues and render a decision.*
Administrative decision may result in one of the following:
1. Upheld decision of Appeals Committee
2. Administrative disposal
* The decision of the College President is final.
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