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EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE_ _____________________________________________________________ 2016-2017
As a student at Eastern Idaho Technical College, you must
recognize the importance of cooperative participation within an
environment where all involved participate in the
advancement of learning. A college community offers an
opportunity to improve knowledge and skills and to enhance
earning potential. Students are encouraged to recognize personal
obligations to act in a responsible manner, both academically
and behaviorally, and to be considerate of others while accepting
the obligation.
EITC provides the following Student Code of Conduct as a
personal and instructional guide book in order to guide
personal behavior and to establish the process of intervention
when behaviors become unacceptable.
The following activities will not be tolerated while students
are participating in instructional activities, student activities or
special events:
Disorderly conduct will not be allowed on campus, in the
classroom, on field trips or tours, at any College related activity,
or in the cafeteria. Disorderly conduct is defined as behavior by
an individual or group that infringes upon the rights or
well-being of another individual or group.
Willful destruction of property will result in restitution of
damages and possible sanctions against the student.
Theft or unauthorized removal/usage of College equipment,
books, materials, or property belonging to instructors or guests
of the College is strictly prohibited.
Lewd/indecent conduct or the dissemination/display of
indecent literature is not tolerated.
Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are not allowed
on College owned or controlled property or at functions
sponsored by Eastern Idaho Technical College. The State Board
of Education has consistently opposed any policy permitting
intoxicating beverages on college owned or controlled
properties. Storage, sale, manufacturing, distribution, possession
or use of any illicit drugs or alcohol is prohibited. Prescribed
medications are to be used only at the direction of a licensed
physician. Violation of this policy can lead to suspension or
Gambling and games of chance involving money are
prohibited. Card playing is allowable in the student cafeteria
or break areas provided betting or exchange of money does not
By the Governor’s Executive Order: “All state-owned or
state-leased buildings, facilities, or areas occupied by state
employees shall henceforth be designated as ‘non-smoking’
except for custodial care and full-time residential facilities. The
policy governing custodial care for full-time residential facilities
may be determined by the directions of such facilities. Further, I
hereby encourage all employees in the State of Idaho to promote
a non-smoking policy in all buildings occupied by state
Fire and shop safety rules are to be observed at all times.
Misuse or tampering with safety equipment is forbidden. Every
three months, Eastern Idaho Technical College is required to
hold an evacuation of the buildings to comply with the Fire
Marshall’s regulations. When the fire alarm sounds, all faculty,
staff and students are to proceed in an orderly and quiet manner
out of the building in accordance to prearranged paths. Do not
use elevators. When outside, continue proceeding away from
the buildings. Remain there until an all clear signal is given to
return. Instructors are to arrange for a check of students to be
certain that all are out of the building.
Disciplinary measures will be exercised for insubordination or
conduct detrimental to good order and discipline within the
College including conduct that is harmful, obstructive,
disruptive, or that interferes with the education process,
institutional functions, contractual agreements or public peace
and tranquility.
Disrespect or physical/verbal abuse of a faculty/staff member
or failure to comply with directions given by a faculty/staff
member in the performance of her/his duties will not be
Weapons, including firearms, knives, and explosives are not
allowed on the College grounds.
Violation of attendance policies, the Code of Conduct or other
College policies may result in one or more of the following
sanctions. These are listed in order of least to most severe. This
is not to imply that sanctions will be given in this order. Severity
of the sanction is at the discretion of College officials.
1. Warning:
A notice to the student verbally, or in writing, from
a College official stating that a policy has been violated and that
continued violation may result in more severe sanctions.
2. Censure:
A written reprimand warning the individual or
group that repeated infractions will result in official sanctions.
Restrictions on minor privileges may be imposed.
3. Restitution:
The replacement, repair or other form of
compensation for damages, physical loss or injury to property or
4. Probation:
Formal notification indicating a policy has been
violated and identifies terms for continued enrollment.
Probationary status equates to “not in good standing”.
5. Suspension:
A decision that excludes that student from
courses, activities, and/or presence on College properties for
at least one semester. A student who has been suspended may
request readmission after his/her terms of suspension have been
met. The student shall submit a written petition requesting
readmission. Readmission may be granted, denied, or postponed
subject to fulfillment of conditions established by the College. If
readmission is granted, enrollment will be probationary for one
semester. Readmission will be granted on a space available basis
only. Petitions are available in the Registrar’s office.
6. Expulsion:
An administrative decision that terminates the
student from the College for an indefinite period of time.
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