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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
It is expected that students will adhere to good safety
practices, including observing non-smoking regulations. Flagrant
or continued violations will lead to suspension or other
disciplinary action.
Students are expected to attend all scheduled courses. All work
and assignments missed must be made up at the discretion of the
course instructor. Absence from class does not excuse you from
completing assigned work.
Students may fill out a Petition for Approved Leave (available on
the EITC website) including the date they requested the petition,
their name, program, student I.D. #, dates they will be missing,
and attach supporting documentation. Students will be directed
to obtain the signatures of all of their instructors. The Petition
will then be routed to the division manager of their program and
forwarded to the Registrar for final signature. Students will be
notified by e-mail that their Petition for Approved Leave has
been processed.
A charge of $20 will be assessed, and you will be notified in the
event a check is returned from the bank due to non- payment. A
charge will be entered against your account and a hold placed on
all records and continued attendance if the check does not clear.
Possession, consumption, or distribution of illicit drugs or
alcohol on College property or at any College activity is strictly
prohibited. Prescribed medications are to be used only at the
direction of a licensed physician. Violation of this policy can
lead to suspension or probation.
Counselors are available to assist applicants with professional-
technical choices, financial aid, veteran’s benefits, admissions
procedures, and other matters pertaining to educational
Firearms, knives, and explosives are not allowed on the
College grounds except as specifically authorized in State Board
of Education policy.
This group meets as needed on campus to provide support to
students who want to lessen the harmful effects of substance
abuse in their lives. The group experience allows students to
share their thoughts and feelings as well as to learn more
effective solutions to life’s challenges. Student Services also
provides crisis intervention and referrals to community resources
for students in need of additional assistance.
Computer Usage Fee
The computer usage fee gives students access to an account on
an EITC network, server, a personal directory on the network
server with an assigned volume limit, an e-mail account, and
access to campus printers.
Acceptable Use of Computing Resources
EITC students are authorized to use computer/network resources
for course related work and other educational purposes only.
Use of EITC resources for other than educational purposes,
especially for commercial or contract purposes, will result in the
possible suspension or removal of the student’s user account.
As an authorized user, you are responsible for the security and
use of your computer account. You accept full responsibility for
your account and all activity performed on College computing
The full text of EITC computer policies can be found in the
EITC Policy and Procedures Manual online. Referenced
documents include the Governors Executive Order 2005-22,
Policy 307.1 Computer Usage, Policy 307.2 Software Policy,
and Policy 307.3 Computer and Network Security Policy.
Misuse of Resources
EITC reserves the right to inspect all information stored on EITC
computers, including programs, data, and mail. EITC reserves
the right to limit or deny access to anyone using EITC resources
when privileges are abused.
Examples of system misuse include, but are not limited to:
• Unauthorized copying or distribution of EITC provided
system and applications software
• Use of another individual’s account, or sharing of
• Attempting to inspect or copy another user’s programs or
directory without permission
• Playing online games, MUD’s/MUCK’s, or interactive
chatting (ICQ, MSN, etc.)
• Deliberately trying to damage system software or hardware
• Failure to cooperate with EITC staff
• Any attempt to create or import a program which circumvents
system security or compromises data integrity
• Sending/displaying defamatory, harassing, pornographic,
obscene, or patently offensive materials prohibited by the
Communications Decency Act of 1996 and other local, state,
or federal law
• Unauthorized copying, sending, or receiving of copyrighted
or trade/service marked materials is strictly prohibited
Students are provided the ability to print 250 pages from the
network. Additional printing can be purchased through the
business office (see EITC Policy 602 for additional information).
Students can also make copies in the library by paying directly
or purchasing a copy card from the Business Office.
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