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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
EITC does not provide on-campus health care services. Students
requiring medical attention must seek assistance from private
health care providers in the community. Students who are
registered for 12 or more credits, or who are taking courses in
the professional portion of a health care program, are required to
carry health insurance and will be automatically enrolled in the
SHIP plan. You will be billed $805.00* at the time of
registration. Although it is not mandatory, a student who is
registered for 6-9 credits is eligible to voluntarily enroll in the
SHIP plan as well. Please check with the Registrar’s
office for cost of voluntary registration. For an additional fee of
$805.00* per person, a full-time student can add dependents to
their insurance plan.
A student who is covered by health insurance from a provider
other than SHIP has the option to waive out of SHIP at EITC.
The student is required to fill out a waiver request form online
and provide proof of insurance each semester/term. If you fill out
a waiver form and submit the appropriate documentation proving
you are covered by a comparable health plan outside of EITC,
and your waiver is approved, you will be refunded the amount
you were originally billed for the EITC Health Insurance.
*Fee subject to change
Insurance waiver request forms, a list of SHIP FAQ’s, and the
voluntary enrollment form can be accessed at:
Each year students from EITC participate in competitive
activities with students from other postsecondary institutions,
with a goal of developing leadership and fostering individual
growth. Contests of skill and technical knowledge provide
a forum in which students can demonstrate their individual
educational accomplishments. Clubs such as the Vocational
Industrial Clubs of America (VICA), Business Professionals of
America (BPA), and Delta Epsilon Chi (DEC) are active on the
EITC campus. These clubs provide a way for students to
cooperate. Students who are successful in state and local
competition may then compete nationally.
EITC also encourages student participation in student
government. The Student Senate is comprised of student body
officers and representatives from each full-time program.
Student Senate is the student’s voice in college development and
Student organization fund-raising is an accepted activity of
student organizations. All fund-raising activities are restricted
to chartered and approved organizations. The governing body
of the student organization and its faculty/staff advisor must
approve fund-raising activities; funds raised must be used for
appropriate organization activities. It is recommended that
organization officers, their advisors, and the Vice President of
Instruction and Student Affairs meet twice annually to discuss
fund-raising efforts. EITC is licensed for student organizations
to conduct raffles for fund-raising activity. The Vice President
of Instruction and Student Affairs has final authority regarding
student raffles.
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