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EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE_ _____________________________________________________________ 2016-2017
Maximum Credit Appeal:
To be used when a student reaches
the maximum time frame allowed by Satisfactory Academic
Progress. Maximum time frame for an associate degree is 96
credits and 48 credits for a one-year certificate program. If the
student does not successfully complete the conditions of the
appeal the student may be denied further financial assistance.
Special Circumstances Appeals:
To be used by students or
parents of dependent students who have had loss of income.
These situations could include loss of employment, death of
a parent, divorce of a parent, divorce of a student, or medical
expenses that affect income.
Disbursement of Financial Aid Awards:
Financial aid funds
are disbursed in equal installments at the first of each semester.
If a student only attends one semester, disbursement of loans
will be made in two equal disbursements, one at the beginning
of the semester and one half way through the semester. Funds
may be credited to a student’s account to pay registration fees
with the balance being disbursed in the form of a check. Checks
are disbursed by the cashier in the Business Office. Questions
concerning check disbursement should be referred to the
Business Office at (208) 535-5335.
Students can access WebAdvisor to view
information needed for their financial aid file, view award letters,
and accept or reject financial aid awards.
Financial aid policies and procedures are subject to change
without notice to assure compliance with federal regulations.
Veteran’s Benefits:
The Veterans Benefits webpage contains information on how to
apply for benefits, what is required, what to do every semester,
and provides helpful websites and information.
Applications for benefits should be completed online at
/. Veterans are required to
provide the “Certificate of Eligibility” once it has been received
to the Certifying Official at EITC. EITC does not participate in
the Yellow Ribbon Program.
For questions about benefits contact:
Muskogee Regional Office - 1-888-442-4551
Financial Aid Contact Information: Please direct all questions
regarding financial assistance to the EITC Financial Aid Office,
1600 South 25th East, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404,
(208) 524-3000, or toll free 1-800-662-0261, or e-mail us at
do so through the Registrar’s Office. Students will not be able
to drop a module course through WebAdvisor or by asking their
instructors to drop the course for them.
In addition, if a module course is a prerequisite for another
module course in the same term, the student must withdraw
from the next module course(s) as well. If they are withdrawn
from a module course prior to the start date, the refund for that
course will be first applied back to their financial aid balance (if
receiving financial aid) which they are required to pay back. The
financial aid monies received at the beginning of the semester
are still the student’s responsibility for payback.
If the student is enrolled in another module course that doesn’t
have a prerequisite they may remain in that module course as
long as they fill out the module course Intent to Attend form in
the Registrar’s Office.
Financial Aid Suspension:
Failure to comply with the academic
standards or the progress eligibility standards will result in
suspension of student aid and the possibility of repayment.
Students suspended from financial aid
eligibility may regain eligibility by: (1) Repaying any funds
owed (see Cashier’s Office for amount owed); (2) Attending an
additional semester without the assistance of financial aid and;
(3) Retaking the failed or incomplete credits (See Financial Aid
Progress eligibility chart) required to meet Satisfactory
Academic Progress (SAP). Courses retaken must be from the
approved list of required courses from the student’s program of
study. The student must also meet academic standards as well as
financial aid standards to be reinstated. After meeting
requirements, students must submit a financial aid General
Appeal Form to the EITC Financial Aid Office explaining that
they have completed requirements and would like to be
reinstated for financial aid.
Financial Aid Appeals Procedures:
Appeal in writing to the
financial aid committee and explain any mitigating
circumstances that you feel caused the inability to meet
minimum standards. An appeal form can be printed from our
Request for Adjustment:
A student has the option of requesting
an adjustment to their financial aid award. The request must be
made to the EITC Financial Aid Office by the student if
changes are needed. Changes could include requesting or
canceling grants, work-study, and loans.
No adjustment can be made to the award due to change in
enrollment status after the first week of each semester. Request
for Adjustment forms can be printed from our website.
General Appeal:
To be used in situations of medical hardship,
death in the family, emergencies, and other extreme
circumstances that affect Satisfactory Academic Progress. Also
to be used by students after they have attended a semester
without financial aid.
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