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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
The one-year Business Technology Intermediate Technical
Certificate option helps prepare students for entry-level business
positions. Students learn basic management, marketing, sales,
customer service, business math, and communications skills. The
Intermediate Technical Certificate is an ideal option for students
interested in obtaining their education within a one-year time
Whether the Business Technologies student chooses an Associate
of Applied Science Degree, Advanced Technical Certificate, or
an Intermediate Technical Certificate, the exciting career field of
business requires strong personal motivation and dedication to
developing skills. If Business Technology students are employed
while pursuing their education, they often find opportunities to
apply newly-learned skills. When possible, courses are offered
on weekday mornings in order to provide the students with the
afternoons for homework, employment, and other activities.
Intended Learning Outcomes
The intended learning outcomes for the Associate of Applied
Science Degree in Marketing and Management are:
• Demonstrate the ability to apply fundamental marketing
principles related to product development, pricing, distribution,
and promotion concepts
• Perform leadership and management functions by creating
plans; organizing resources; leading teams; and controlling
• Communicate effectively and confidently using both written
and verbal formats, and present to a variety of audiences
• Demonstrate the ability to manage the human resource
responsibilities of a small business
• Record and report fundamental accounting transactions and
analyze financial statements to demonstrate the ability to manage
the financial resources of a small business
• Identify and utilize entrepreneurial skills to create business
plans that establish and contribute to the successful management
of a small business
• Solve problems by utilizing critical thinking, analytical, and
decision-making skills.
The Advanced Technical Certificate option focuses on the first
four learning outcomes, while the Intermediate Technical
Certificate option focuses on the first three.
Program Costs
A Business Technology student can expect to spend
approximately $1,100 on books and supplies for the one-year
Intermediate Technical Certificate, $1,500 for the Advanced
Technical Certificate, and $1,900 for the Associate of Applied
Science Degree.
Industry Testing for Certification
In accordance with the Idaho state standards for
Professional-Technical Education, prospective graduates are
required to sit for proficiency exams at the conclusion of their
program, usually in their fourth semester. Business Technologies
students in the AAS program option must successfully complete
the A*S*K Certification Exam in Entrepreneurship and
Management. A technology fee covering the cost will be
assessed in the semester in which the student sits for the
certification exam.
Marketing and Management
Associate of Applied Science Degree
63 Credits
Financial Aid Eligible
Semester 1
BOT 151
Leadership I
BOT 180
Financial Business Applications
CIS 101
Computer Information Systems
MGT 121
Principles of Management
MKT 112
Introduction to Marketing 3
ENG 101
English Composition
Semester 2
BOT 150
Employment Strategies
MKT 103
Sales and Customer Service
MKT 125
Introduction to Marketing Strategies
OFP 141
Business Presentations
OFP 142
Business Spreadsheets
COM 101
Fundamentals of Speech
Semester 3
ACC 125
Fundamental Accounting Concepts
MGT 216
Human Resource Management
MKT 120
Marketing on the Internet
ECO 100
Economic Issues
PSY 101
Introduction to Psychology
3 OR
SOC 101
Introduction to Sociology
Semester 4
MGT 206
Small Business Management
MGT 207
Financial Management
MGT 215
Business Law
MKT 202
MKT 222
Practicum IV
MAT 123
Mathematics in the Modern Society 3
Required General Education Courses for Associate of Applied
Science Degree:
COM 101
Fundamentals of Speech
ECO 100
Economic Issues
ENG 101
English Composition
MAT 123
Mathematics in Modern Society
PSY 101
Introduction to Psychology 3 OR
SOC 101
Introduction to Sociology
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