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EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE_ _____________________________________________________________ 2016-2017
interdisciplinary health care team.
• Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in performing nursing
skills that meet client needs while providing cost-effective and
appropriate care.
Prerequisite Entrance Requirements
• Meet all College admission requirements
• Placement test
• A limited number of students will be admitted each year.
Professional Program Entrance Requirements
• A minimum individual composite score of 60 or higher on the
TEAS V exam. (TEAS Exam may be taken a maximum of 2
times. If a second attempt is necessary, it must be taken within 2
years of the first attempt.)
• Applicants who complete all prerequisite courses with a “C”
or better and have fulfilled all of the other entrance requirements
are eligible to continue into the nursing program.
• Completion of all admission requirements does not ensure
acceptance into the professional program.
• A limited number of applicants are accepted into the program
twice each year, fall and spring.
• Candidates for admission are selected based on available space
and college readiness date assigned by the Healthcare
Admissions Counselor.
• Those not selected will be required to reapply the following
application period.
In addition to the requirements for all health care programs,
the applicant must have:
• Practical Nursing Application packet submitted by deadline
• Documentation of current CNA certification or completion of
HCT 118 with initial certification
• Proof of Immunizations
• Background check done through the site approved by the
Program Continuation Requirements
• All program courses with an NRS prefix must be passed with
a minimum of 75% and proficiency testing at a pre-determined
• Courses with an NRS prefix must be passed consecutively prior
to continuing on to the next course.
• A failed course with an NRS prefix will result in dismissal
from the program.
Program Costs
In addition to the registration fees, a Practical Nursing student
can expect to spend an approximate total of $3,700 on books,
uniforms, supplies, ATI and other testing fees, NCLEX
application, and graduation. For further information refer to the
nursing student handbook.
MAS 121
Beginning Admin Skills for Med Assist
MAS 122
Beginning Clinical Skills for Med Assist
Professional Program Spring Term
MAS 120
Diseases of the Human Body
MAS 205
Administration of Medications
MAS 221
Advanced Admin Skills for Med Assist
MAS 222
Advanced Clinical Skills for Med Assist
Professional Program Summer Term
MAS 210
Externship II
Program Options
Intermediate Technical Certificate
Two Semesters
The Practical Nursing Program is operated with the approval
of the State Board of Nursing. The student graduates with an
Advanced Technical Certificate and is required to pass a state
licensure examination to become a licensed practical nurse.
Practical nurses are integral members of the health care team
who care for the sick, injured, convalescent, and disabled under
the direction of physicians and registered nurses. Practical nurses
assess clients for educational, physiological, psychosocial,
comfort, and safety needs; assist in planning and coordinating
care; and gather data. They provide basic bedside care, take
vital signs, do dressings and treatments, insert catheters, collect
samples from clients for testing, perform routine laboratory tests,
administer prescribed medications, and start intravenous fluids.
Some experienced LPN’s supervise unlicensed assistive
Intended Learning Outcomes
• Graduates will through the use of therapeutic communication
skills, demonstrate effective verbal, non-verbal, written and
technological communication, in both, professional and
interpersonal relationships in a variety of healthcare settings.
• Graduates will demonstrate competency in basic nursing skills
utilizing critical thinking in applying the nursing process in a
compassionate and caring manner during interactions with the
client, families, and communities while being nonjudgmental of
cultural, religious, and ethnic differences.
• Graduates will demonstrate competent and safe nursing skills
and requisite knowledge necessary for the entry level practical
nurse utilizing the nursing process, evidenced based practice,
and the Practical Nurse scope of practice.
• Graduates will acknowledge that nursing is dynamic and is a
profession where personal growth is ongoing and requires active
lifelong learning.
• Graduates will demonstrate accountability, professional values,
and ethical behavior within the scope of practice of the state
nurse practice act and the policy and procedures of the
employing institutions.
• Graduates will demonstrate an entry level ability to problem
solve, organize, prioritize, and make clinical judgments in a
variety of healthcare settings while working as a member of an
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