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EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE_ _____________________________________________________________ 2016-2017
Radiation Safety
Intermediate Technical Certificate
38 Credits
Financial Aid Eligible
Semester 1
ENG 101
English Composition
MAT 108
Intermediate Algebra
RDS 101
Basic Radiation Protection Principles
RDS 102
Inter. Radiation Protection Principles
RDS 103
Inter. Radiation Protection Principles Lab
Semester 2
ESH 102
40-Hour OSHA HAZWOPER Training
REL 104
Communications in Radiological Safety
REL 107
Nuclear Components and Plant Systems
RDS 104
Advanced Radiation Protection Principles
RDS 104L
Adv. Radiation Protection Principles Lab
RDS 106
Basic Radiological Chemistry
RDS 109
Nuclear Regulatory Practices
PSY 101
Introduction to Psychology
SOC 101
Introduction to Sociology
Summer Term
RDS 111
Supervised Work Experience
Program Options
Associate of Applied Science Degree
Financial Aid Eligible
One semester of prerequisites, four semesters of program courses
Enrollment in the Associate Degree Nursing Program is
limited. Because of the number of applicants, completion of
all admission requirements does not ensure acceptance into the
program. Candidates for admission are selected from the pool of
qualified applicants using a point-based process.
The ADN program is operated with the approval of the State
Board of Nursing. The student graduates with an Associate
of Applied Sciences degree in nursing and is required to pass a
state licensure examination (RN-NCLEX) to become a licensed
registered nurse.
Students will expand their skills and knowledge in all areas
of nursing with a focus on critical thinking and preparation to
independent and holistic quality nursing care.
When students are accepted into the RN program they must
graduate under the catalog in effect at the time of their admission
to that program or a subsequent catalog.
Intended Learning Outcomes
• Demonstrate patient-centered care in the clinical setting.
The student will practice effective verbal and nonverbal
communication techniques and demonstrate therapeutic
relationships with patients and families by providing patient
advocacy, effective communication, compassion, and patient and
family involvement.
• Apply and integrate clinical reasoning, critical thinking,
and EBP with assessment skills to ensure safe quality nursing
judgment to patients and families that contribute to their
optimum level of functioning and health.
• Competently demonstrate ongoing nursing knowledge and
technical skills in a variety of healthcare settings and value the
importance of life-long learning recognizing that health care is
ever evolving and changing and develop ways they contribute to
improve patient care, current practice, and his/herself.
• Practice professional behavior in the clinical setting. The
student will model attributes of professional learning in all areas
of their practice, demonstrate leadership roles, and adhere to
legal and ethical codes in the profession of nursing. Student will
assume responsibility and accountability for their practice in
nursing as defined by the Idaho Nurse Practice Act.
Professional Program Entrance Requirements
In addition to the requirements for all health care programs,
the applicant must:
• Be accepted as a student in good standing at Eastern Idaho
Technical College.
• Complete all prerequisite courses with a minimum “C” or
better grade and a “B” or better in BIO 227 and BIO 227L with a
2.7 Overall GPA
• TEAS test score of 62% or better, upon entrance into the
Professional Program
• Completion of CNA, LPN, or another healthcare certification
by petition.
• Complete Associate Degree Nursing program application.
• Provide proof of immunizations
• Background check done through a site approved by the
• Completion of all admission requirements does not ensure
acceptance into the professional program.
• A limited number of applicants are accepted into the program
twice each year, fall and spring.
• Candidates for admission are selected based on available space
and a competitive selection process
• Those not selected will need to reapply the following
application period.
• A failed course with an ARN prefix will result in dismissal
from the program.
Program Continuation Requirements
• All program specific courses must be passed with a minimum
of 75%, a 75% test average and must be passed consecutively
before continuing on to the next course.
Program Costs
In addition to the registration fees, a Registered Nursing student
can expect to spend an approximate total of $3,900 on books,
uniforms, supplies, criminal background check, and ATI and
other testing fees for the entire program. Graduates are required
to sit for proficiency exams at the conclusion of their program.
Information regarding costs and dates for the exams will be
posted in the online catalog and available from the program
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