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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
General OSHA Compliance & Haz/Mat Emergency
Response Personal Protective Equipment
Certificate of Completion
OSHA 1910.12 HazCom Standard
16-Hour HazMat Operations
40-Hour HazMat Technician for Industry Personnel
DOT Compliance – Hazardous Materials Shipping
Blood Borne Pathogens
This program applies to employers and employees who are
exposed or potentially exposed to hazardous substances,
including hazardous waste, and who are engaged in one of the
following operations as specified by 1910.120(a)(1)(i-v) and
a) Clean-up operations required by a governmental body,
whether federal, state, local, or other involving hazardous
substances that are conducted at uncontrolled hazardous waste
b) Individuals employed at treatment, storage, and disposal
c) Individuals involved in emergency response activities
Emergency Medical Technician
Certificate of Completion
Not Financial Aid Eligible
This program includes courses of instruction and clinical time
that meets the State of Idaho and National Registry requirements
for testing for an EMT-B license. The training is required to
work as an emergency medical service (EMS) provider in an
ambulance or other emergency care settings.
Program Costs
Costs for these programs will be published in the Workforce
Training and Community Education program course schedule.
Registration for Programs
Times and dates for our regularly scheduled courses are
available in the EITC class schedule newspaper insert.
Wildland Fire Management
Program Options
Associate of Applied Science Degree
Certificate of Completion
Wildland Firefighter (FFT2) – Module I
Advanced Wildland Firefighter/Squad Boss (FFT1)
– Module II
Single Resource Boss – Module III
Strike Team/Task Force Leader – Module IV
Eligible Students
Participants of this program must be members of paid or
volunteer state, federal, and local agencies and fire departments
because specific activities in these courses require access to
facilities and equipment located within these agencies. Modules
in this program are taught by the Bureau of Land
Management and U.S. Forest Service personnel and are
Certificates of Completion. To receive an Associate of Applied
Science Degree students must complete all modules.
Program Costs
This program requires the completion of related instruction
courses in Modules 1-4, and 15 credits of General Education
courses. Interested participants will be required to complete a
Portfolio Process which includes submission of a formal
application for admission and official transcripts for all courses
in Modules 1-4. The cost for review of the Portfolio Process and
Associate of Applied Science Degree is listed as follows:
Cost Per Credit (Technical Education Requirements..........$10.00
Cost Per Credit (General Education Requirements)..........$105.50
EITC Admissions Application.............................................$15.00
Registration Information
For registration information, contact Eastern Idaho Technical
College at 1600 S. 25th E., Idaho Falls, ID 83404, or call
535-5381, or toll free 1-800-662-0261.
Wildland Fire Management
Program Options
Associate of Applied Science Degree
66 Credits
Not Financial Aid Eligible
Module I
Wildland Firefighter (FFT2)
Certificate of Completion
WFM 101
Basic Fire School (S-110, S-130, S-190, I-100) 2.25
WFM 104
Portable Pumps & Water Use (S-211) 0.5
WFM 105
Wildfire Power Saws (S-212) 0.75
WFM 135
Fitness Training for the Work Capacity Test
WFM 138
Position Task Book (FFT2)
Module II
Advanced Wildland Firefighter/Squad Boss (FFT1)
Certificate of Completion
WFM 108
Supervisory Concepts & Techniques (S-201)
WFM 110
Interagency Incident Business Management
WFM 111
Basic Air Operations (S-270)
WFM 125
Advanced Firefighter Training (S-131) 0.5
WFM 135
Fitness Training for the Work Capacity Test
WFM 136
Position Task Book (FFT1)
WFM 131
Basic Incident Command System (I-200) 0.75
Module III
Single Resource Boss
Certificate of Completion
WFM 112
Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior (S-290)
WFM 115
Crew Boss (Single Resource) (S-230) 1.5
WFM 123
Applied Interagency Incident Business Mgmt
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