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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
Julie McMurtery, Coordinator
Hailey Holland, Counselor
Cathy Rogers, Program Secretary
The Center for New Directions provides services to empower
individuals to make positive life changes.
Room 582, Alexander D. Creek Building 535-5363
Services for Students
• Counseling: personal and group; assessment; support services;
career planning; referral; and crisis intervention
• Student success workshops
• Individualized Career Search
• Presentations on various topics including personal and
employment skills
• Assistance in application to educational programs and financial
• Job search assistance
• Limited walk-in counseling
• Study strategies
Student Success Plan
A counselor helps the individual student identify their primary
needs and the steps they will take to address their needs. For
a student who wishes to explore career possibilities or acquire
new workplace or personal skills, a career development plan
is formed. If the student wants to ensure success in their
technical program or optimal placement in employment, the
counselor will help create a student success plan. In either case, a
counselor will help each student clarify their goals and the action
steps they will take to achieve them. Sometimes an assessment
such as IDEAS (Career Information System) is used. Support
services/classes and referral to additional help both on and off
campus are included. Regular appointments with a counselor to
monitor student progress toward goals are scheduled as desired.
Services for Students in Nontraditional Programs
Counseling, case management, and support services
are available for students in programs of training for an
occupation usually performed by the opposite gender.
The Center for New Directions also serves under-prepared
adults, single parents and displaced homemakers who wish to
improve their education or employment. The Center maintains
an active Advisory Board.
Call for information on current classes/workshops; also check
the link on the EITC website at:
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