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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
Eastern Idaho Technical College will only use official EITC
e-mail address for electronic communication purposes.
Eastern Idaho Technical College accepts applicants who are high
school graduates or the equivalent (GED).
Applicants for any program must:
• Submit completed application for admission.
• Pay $15 non-refundable application fee.
• Submit official transcript* from last high school attended
(accredited or recognized regionally or by state organizations)
and transcripts from ALL postsecondary educational institutions.
Official GED test scores required in lieu of high school
• Advanced Placement testing scores must be listed on your
official transcripts, or grade sheets must be submitted for
consideration of acceptance for transfer or placement at EITC.
• Applicants on student visas are not eligible for admission to a
program. These individuals may be allowed to take one or two
courses as a non-degree seeking student.
• Each applicant must have earned one of the following
educational credentials from an EITC recognized state or
regional organization: a high school diploma or a General
Education Development (GED) Certificate from a U.S.
Institution. An official transcript (or equivalent documentation)
with the high school or college grade point average (GPA) and
graduation date must be received before acceptance into a credit
• Complete preliminary educational assessment.
Achievement testing constitutes part of this assessment process.
Students who have already completed at least a two year degree
or have completed related general educations courses at an EITC
regionally accredited post-secondary institution with a “C-” or
better, or those who have passed Advanced Placement testing for
English and/or math may not be required to take the preliminary
educational assessment.
• Schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor.
(Appointment required.) To schedule an appointment, call (208)
524-3000, or toll-free 1(800) 662-0261.
*Official Transcript
The Registrar’s Office accepts only official transcripts for
the purposes of posting transfer credit/courses to the Eastern
Idaho Technical College record or verification of degree/
diploma/certificate completion from another institution. Official
transcripts are those that are printed on security paper and
come directly via US mail from another institution’s records/
registrar office to the Admission Office. All other transcripts
are considered unofficial and will not be accepted or processed.
Once an official transcript is received by the Registrar’s Office,
the transcript will be submitted for review to the Assistant
Registrar for primary major/degree of the student. The
Assistant Registrar will determine what courses and credits are
transferable to Eastern Idaho Technical College. Additional pre-
admission procedures and requirements exist for some programs
(see program descriptions). Students are accepted to the College
and enrolled in courses on a first-applied, first-considered basis.
Out-Of-Area Applicants:
If you are unable to visit the campus
and complete the procedure as outlined above, you may apply
online, by mail or fax. Submit completed application for
admission and the $15 non-refundable application fee. You will
be notified of your acceptance status.
Waitlisted Programs:
In an effort to provide the student with
the skills necessary for employability, and to meet the needs
of local industry, EITC admission for waitlisted programs
may use the following procedures to determine acceptance.
These include, but are not limited to: application completion
date, high school articulation credits in same field, scholarship
provided by partnering agency, competency for practice
(employer requirements for a candidate in that particular field)
and interview by the instructor/division manager/admissions
counselor of program. EITC strives for the success of the
individual in both coursework and industry.
Applicants cannot be assured admission until:
1. Admission requirements are met
2. Student receives a letter of acceptance from the College
Advanced Opportunities:
If you were enrolled in Advanced
Opportunities programs in high school you may be eligible to
receive college credit for articulated courses in which you
received an A or B and passed the required practical skill. To
request Technical Competency credits you must use the official
Advanced Opportunity Credit Request form available on the
EITC website. The cost is $10 per credit. If you are attending
EITC, there is no charge to transcript these credits. Technical
Competency credits will be articulated as college transfer
credits. These credits must be requested within 2 years of the
completion of the eligible course. A Transition Coordinator at
the College can provide assistance with credit questions. Once
Technical Competency credits are transcripted they may not be
removed from the official transcript.
Region VI Transition Coordinator
Tonya Tracy
John E. Christofferson Building #3 Office #334
Phone: (208) 535-5330
Concurrent Enrollment:
High school students 16 or older may
enroll in up to six credit hours of college work per semester at
EITC as non-matriculated (non-degree seeking) students. You
must complete the Concurrent Enrollment Form available on
the EITC website and comply with the requirements listed on
the form, including completion of an EITC application form.
A college admissions test score must also be submitted with
the application. High School students enrolled at EITC pay
regular fees and tuition. No federal financial assistance will
be available. When the EITC course is completed a student
may request an official transcript to be sent to the high school
following the same process as other transcript requests.
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