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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
web sites. Industry standards in database software will be
utilized throughout the course. SP
Prerequisite: OFP 227
CIS 250 Emerging Trends in Web Development
4 Credits
This course will examine the latest development applications.
New and developing trends within the internet industry will be
studied and applied to web development projects. SP
Prerequisite: CIS 239
CNT 114 Computer Essentials
4 Credits
This course provides students with the knowledge of computer
hardware and software and advanced concepts such as security,
networking, and the responsibilities of an IT professional.
Students who complete this course will be able to explain the
internal components of a computer, describe how to assemble
a computer system and install an operating system. Students
working through hands-on activities will gain skills in computer
assembly, configuration, and maintenance. FA
CNT 121 Wireless LAN Administration
3 Credits
The wireless LAN Administration course provides the
networking professional a complete foundation of knowledge for
entering into or advancing in the wireless networking industry.
From basic RF theory to link budget math, including topics from
troubleshooting to performing a site survey, this course delivers
hands-on training that benefits the novice and the experienced
network professional. FA
CNT 123 Fundamentals in Network Security
3 Credits
This course provides a broad introduction to computer and
network security measures and provides a foundation for
additional study of more specific security areas. It is ideal for
those administering network devices and infrastructure, as well
as those working in database development and administration.
The course will emphasize the knowledge and skills necessary to
identify risks and participate in the mitigation of risks, provide
infrastructure, application, operational and information security,
apply security controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity and
availability, identify appropriate technologies and products,
and operate with an awareness of applicable policies, laws and
regulations. SP
Prerequisite: CNT 121
CNT 140 Linux 1
3 Credits
This course is geared toward those interested in systems
administration as well as those who will use or develop
programs for Linux systems. Practical hands- on descriptions
and exercises are employed to help the student see what
commands are available, how they are used and what must be
done to get results. The course includes Linux distributions,
installation, administration, X-Windows, networking, and
security. FA
CNT 141 Linux 2
3 Credits
This course focuses on practical hands-on activities of system
administration tasks and the utilities, both command-line and
graphical, which an administrator would use to manage a Linux
based server. The course includes building and customizing a
Linux server to meet business objectives. SP
Prerequisite: CNT 140
CNT 150 Desktop/Client Computer Operating Systems
4 Credits
This course is for students desiring to become a Microsoft
certified technology specialist for client computers. It provides
students with the knowledge and skills to install and configure
Windows client operating systems. It focuses on four main areas:
installing, securing, networking, and browsing. By the end of the
course, students will have installed and configured a Windows
client computer that is secure, on the network, and ready for
browsing. SP
Prerequisite: CNT 114
CNT 160 Cisco 1
4 Credits
This course provides instruction in network standards, network
terminology and protocols, networking, IP addressing, LANS,
WANS, cabling tools, and cabling. Emphasis is given to
applying science, mathematics, and communication to make
decisions and solve networking problems. Students will use
Algebra and Boolean math to make network design calculations.
CNT 170 Cisco 2
4 Credits
This course covers routing protocols and routing, elements of
routers, the router operating system, utilities used to configure a
router, and router configuration tasks. Basic switching concepts
and theory are taught in this course, which prepares and enables
students to configure switches. SP
CNT 224 Server 1
4 Credits
This course teaches a candidate to implement and configure
Windows Server core services, such as Active Directory and the
networking services. It provides skills and knowledge necessary
for implementing, managing, maintaining, and provisioning
services and infrastructure in a Windows Server environment. FA
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