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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
DTL 125 Dental Operatory Procedures
4 credits
This course is designed to provide the skills needed in the
maintenance of treatment rooms, equipment, tray
preparation, selection and proper sterilization of dental
instruments/or equipment, and the hands-on use of four- and six-
handed chair side procedures. The course covers the
physical and chemical interactions, manipulations, application
and storage of various restorative materials. FA
DTL 126 Dental Radiology
4 Credits
This course is designed to provide history, principles, and
biological effects on the human body. Also included are the
exposing, processing, and mounting of radiographs using proper
safety techniques. The course provides supervised theory and lab
techniques covering intra and extra oral radiographic production,
processing, mounting, and evaluation. The student has the
opportunity to become skilled in dental x-ray procedures with a
heavy emphasis on safety. FA
DTL 127 Dental Clinical
2 Credits
Theories and skills learned in the classroom are applied to actual
clinical situations through low-income clinic work on campus.
The experience is made possible by local dentists who volunteer
their time and services. This course provides the student with
the opportunity to enhance chair side and laboratory skills in
the dental environment and to work with dentists in a structured
environment. SP
DTL 128 Dental Specialties
4 Credits
This course is designed to provide the student with a basic
knowledge, including indications and contraindications, of the
use of dental specialties. Varied skills dealing with each specialty
will be introduced. SP
DTL 129 Dental Biology
2 Credits
Microbiology/Anatomy and Physiology is a required course for
Dental Assisting students. This is an introductory course that is
taught in one semester. The course is taught in a lecture format.
This course will cover microbiology, pathophysiology and
anatomy of the head and neck. FA
DTL 131 Dental Lab Materials & Expanded Functions
3 Credits
The student will learn to identify properties, uses, and
manipulations of various dental laboratory materials. A hands-on
use of selected laboratory materials is used in the fabrication of
numerous dental products. Also learned are selected laboratory
procedures including proper use, maintenance, and safety of
laboratory equipment. Much of this course is hands-on lab work.
The student will have the opportunity to become skilled in the
clinical aspects of the Idaho Expanded Functions for Dental
Assistants. The student will have the opportunity to be tested for
the Idaho Expanded Functions certificate. SP
DTL 132 Supervised Work Experience
6 Credits
This course is designed to allow students to apply theories and
skills learned in the classroom and lab to actual clinical
situations in area dental offices. This gives the student the
opportunity to become further skilled in the Idaho Expanded
Functions. The student may also receive experience in specialty
offices (e.g. orthodontics or oral surgery). SU
ECO 100 Economic Issues
3 Credits
This course provides students with a general overview of
economics. Students will learn about the fundamentals of
macroeconomics, microeconomics and personal finance. An
emphasis will be placed on why the study of economics is
important and how economics impacts countries, communities,
organizations, families and individuals. FA
ELT 141 Applied Mathematics I
4 Credits
Basic math as it applies to electrical theory. Includes
algebraic and trigonometric topics as they relate to DC and AC
(sine wave) circuit analysis. FA
Corequisite: ESE 100. A COMPASS Pre-Algebra and Algebra
score >44 or a GAIN score of 855 and an MPEA score of 75%
ELT 142 Applied Mathematics II
4 Credits
Continuation of ELT 141. Selected algebraic and trigonometric
topics as related to DC and AC (sine wave) circuit analysis
with special emphasis on trigonometric solution and vector
analysis. SP
Prerequisite: ELT 141
ELT 153 Electronic Theory
5 Credits
Fundamentals of DC and AC electronics: safety, soldering,
electrical units, Ohm’s law, series and parallel resistive circuits,
voltage and current, meters, network theorems, magnetism,
inductors, capacitors, AC-DC network analysis and power
supplied. FA
Corequisite: ELT 141, ELT 155
ELT 154 Electronic Control Devices Theory
5 Credits
Comprehensive study of semiconductors, power supplied,
transistor amplifiers, and operational amplifiers. It covers digital
fundamentals including logic gates, Boolean algebra,
combination logic circuits, digital registers, counters, and timing
circuits. SP
Prerequisites: ELT 141, ELT 153, ELT 155
Corequisite: ELT 142, ELT 156
ELT 155 Electronic Lab
5 Credits
Experiments involving subjects covered in ELT 153. Students
will construct, measure, and analyze circuits. FA
Corequisite: ELT 153
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