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EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE_ _____________________________________________________________ 2016-2017
ELT 156 Electronic Control Devices Lab
5 Credits
Experiments involving subjects covered in ELT 154. Students
will construct, measure, and analyze circuits. SP
Prerequisites: ELT 141, ELT 153, ELT 155, Corequisite: ELT
ENG 101 English Composition
3 Credits
Using the essay as a model for organization, students will be
introduced to critical reading and writing challenges including
pre-writing strategies, invention, revision and editing. In a
minimum of 20 pages of revised writing, students will produce
essays and reports that show unity and coherence, develop
and support a central thesis, and demonstrate organization and
unification. Keyboarding skills are strongly recommended. ALL
Prerequisites: A COMPASS score of >67 in both Reading and
Writing, or an ACT English score of 18-24, or completion of
ENG 090, or a GAIN score of 871
ENG 102 Critical Reading and Writing
3 Credits
Provides instruction in critical reading and writing of expository
and argumentative prose, including summaries, analysis, and
research. Focus on critical reading; research methods; gathering,
evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing ideas and evidence;
and documentation. This course is designed to help students
understand and acquire the habits of the mind that are central to
academic inquiry and to exercise skills in reporting documented
research. ALL
Prerequisites: ENG 101 or a minimum COMPASS score of
>94 in both Reading and Writing with a satisfactory entry
essay written during the first class session. Students who do not
pass the entry essay diagnostic exam may be admitted with the
permission of the instructor and with the provision that they
attend regular tutoring sessions in the Writing Center.
ENG 110 Introduction to Literature
3 Credits
This course surveys major writers and various literary genres
throughout a minimum of three historical periods. Reading will
include drama, poetry, short stories and novels. The emphasis is
on literature as it contributes to and reflects an understanding of
the human condition, ideas and values. Both canonical and
diverse contemporary writers will be covered. Students will
write a variety of papers equaling 2500-3000 words of edited
prose. FA/SP
Prerequisite: ENG 101
ENG 202 Technical Communication
3 Credits
This class is designed for those interested in practical
applications of technical writing and communication
principles. It offers instruction in group dynamics, teamwork,
and writing skills applicable to business and industry and
includes the fundamentals of composing memos, letters,
abstracts, instructions, and reports with an emphasis on clarity,
conciseness, and document design. SP
Prerequisite: ENG 101
ESE 100 Engineering Technology Orientation
1 Credit
An introduction to the opportunities and responsibilities of
an engineering technician. Exposure to the various fields of
technology through field trips, movies and guest lectures.
Introduction to materials, techniques, and college services,
which will assist the student in completing a technology
program. FA
ESE 100L Engineering Technology Orientation Lab
1 credit
A laboratory introduction to the skills of an engineering
technician. Includes an overview of safety, tools, electrical
wiring, instrumentation and programmable logic controllers. FA
ESE 110 Introduction to Process Control
1 credit
An introduction to the basic concepts of process control through
the study of control devices, process variables, programmable
logic controllers, instrument calibration, motor control, test
equipment and diagrams. SP
ESE 110L Introduction to Process Control Lab
1 credit
A laboratory instruction to the application and use of control
devices, programmable logic controllers, and test equipment.
Experiments with motor control, instrument calibration and
process control. SP
ESH 102 40-Hr OSHA HAZWOPER Training
1 credit
This class is designed for hazardous waste operation workers
as described by 29 CFR 1910.120. Topics of discussion include
applicable regulations, chemical and physical hazards, personal
protective equipment, decontamination, and emergency
response. SP
FST 100 Fire Service Technologies
48 Credits
This program is designed to upgrade paid and volunteer fire
fighters in the latest fire fighting and life saving techniques. The
course work listed (except general education requirements) for
the Idaho State Fire Fighters certification, associate of applied
science degree program, is delivered through statewide fire
All courses except general education requirements will be
graded Pass/Fail.
HCT 100 Introduction to Health Professions
2 Credits
This course is designed for students entering programs for
training in a health care profession. Information provided in
this course will give students a basic knowledge regarding the
preparation necessary for a large number of health care careers
and current health care trends. FA/SP
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