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EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE_ _____________________________________________________________ 2016-2017
If you return to the College after an absence of two full years,
you must apply for re-admission and pay the $15 application fee.
Check with an admissions counselor to determine if a placement
test is required to be retaken. If you applied for admission within
the past year but did not attend, simply call the admissions office
to update your application. If you do not maintain continuous
enrollment, excluding summer term, you will lose the right to
graduate under the original catalog program requirements and
must use the catalog in force at the time of the re-enrollment.
If you are not interested in pursuing an Associate of Applied
Science Degree, an Advanced Technical Certificate, Intermediate
Technical Certificate, or a Basic Technical Certificate, you
may be admitted as a non-matriculated (non-degree seeking)
student. Students attending under this classification are NOT
required to submit an Application for Undergraduate Admission
or official transcripts from previous education.
Unofficial transcripts may be required if a student wishes to take
general education courses or courses that require
prerequisites. Non-degree seeking students may register for 9
credits per semester or 3 credits in summer term. Approval of
the Registrar’s office is required for credits beyond the allowable
amount. High school students may register part-time as a Dual
Enrolled student with letters of consent from the high school
principal, parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and permission from an
EITC counselor. Acceptance into this non-degree seeking
category does not constitute acceptance into a certificate/
degree program. You will not be eligible to receive federal or
state financial aid and must meet any prerequisite/corequisite
requirements for your class(es). Non-degree seeking students are
expected to adhere to EITC student policies and should
understand that credits earned during non-degree seeking
enrollment will be evaluated for program applicability at the
time of matriculation. If you fail courses as a non-degree
seeking student, this may impact your financial aid eligibility
when you enroll as a degree-seeking student.
To apply for regular admission to EITC you must meet the
following requirements:
• High School diploma with a minimum 2.0 GPA
• Placement examination/admission exam.
• Satisfactory completion of high school course work that
includes at least the following:
3 credits from challenging math sequences of
increasing rigor selected from courses such as Algebra I,
Geometry, Applied Math I and II, Algebra II, Trigonometry,
Discrete Math, Statistics, and other higher level math courses.
Two mathematics credits must be taken in the 11th or 12th grade.
(After 1998, less rigorous math courses taken in grades
10-12, such as pre-algebra, review math, and remedial math,
shall not be counted.) It is recommended that you complete 3
years (6 credits) of math.
Natural Science:
4 credits, including at least two credits of
laboratory science from challenging science courses including
applied biology/chemistry, principles of technology (applied
physics), anatomy, biology, earth science, geology, physiology,
physical science, zoology, physics, chemistry, and
agricultural science and technology courses (500 level and
above). It is recommended that you complete 3 years (6 credits)
with 2 of the years (4 credits) in laboratory sciences.
8 credits. Two credits of Applied English for the
Workplace may be counted for English credit.
Professional-technical courses, including Advanced
Opportunities sequences and organized work-based learning
experiences connected to the school-based curriculum, are
strongly recommended. High school work release time not
connected to the school-based curriculum will not be considered.
Placement Testing:
As of July 1, 2016, Eastern Idaho Technical College will no
longer be offering the COMPASS test for course placement.
Students will be required to take the GAIN Assessment for
course placement and may be required to take further placement
tests (MPEA or MPEB) as deemed necessary by the Registrar’s
Office or an Admission Counselor. ACT, SAT, and COMPASS
scores will be accepted for admission and placement within the
approved time period.
Details about future placement tests will be included in updates
of the EITC 2016-2017 Course Catalog.
College Level Examination Program (CLEP):
EITC will
accept a limited number of applicable CLEP exams.
Composition, Freshman
(with or without essay) 50
3 hours ENG 101
Algebra – Trigonometry 50
3 hours MAT 108
American Government
3 hours POL 101
Psychology, Introductory 50
3 hours PSY 101
Sociology, Introductory 50
3 hours SOC 101
Advanced Placement:
Students who complete an advanced
placement course in high school and receive a score of 3,
4, or 5 on the corresponding College Advanced Placement
examination may be granted credit toward graduation
requirements. Additional information is available in the Student
Services Office.
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