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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
MAT 143 College Algebra
3 Credits
This course introduces the concepts of and notations used for
generalized mathematical functions. These include polynomial
functions, radical functions, exponential functions, logarithmic
functions and functions of complex numbers. Matrices,
sequences, series, and the binomial theorem are covered as
preparation for calculus courses. FA
Prerequisites: Successful completion of MAT 108 with a grade
of C or higher, a minimum mathematics ACT score of 23, or a
GAIN score of 855 and an MPEB score of 75%
MAT 253 Elementary Statistics
3 Credits
MAT 253 is an algebra-based probability and statistics course
which covers descriptive statistics, probability, binomial and
normal distribution, confidence intervals, and hypothesis-testing.
Correlation and regression are also introduced. SP
Prerequisites: MAT 108, a COMPASS pre-algebra score >44
and algebra >61, or an ACT Math score >23, or a GAIN score
of 855 and an MPEB score of 65%
MGT 121 Principles of Management
3 Credits
This course provides an introductory framework for many of the
courses taught in the Business Technology Program. Organized
around the management functions of planning, organizing,
leading, and controlling, a foundation is laid for later instruction
in human resource management, small business management,
financial management, and entrepreneurship. Learners are
required to solve problems, make decisions, respond to
situations, and work in team activities which simulate many of
the day-to-day challenges and opportunities faced by managers.
MGT 206 Small Business Management
3 Credits
This course covers all aspects of what it takes to turn dreams
into reality -- the dream of owning and operating your own small
business. Small business start- ups can lead to new or better
products and services, job creation, plus stronger communities
and economies. Managing a small business is difficult in today’s
rapidly changing world. Emphasis is placed on creating and
maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage that will help
the small business not only survive but succeed. In addition,
students develop a business plan. SP
Prerequisites: MGT 121, ACC 125
MGT 207 Financial Management
3 Credits
An understanding of finance is central to the successful operation
of any business entity. The principles and practices of financial
management apply to every business unit from the largest multi-
national corporation to the smallest sole proprietorship. Every
business student must have a clear understanding of the basic
tools of financial management. Concepts such as financial ratios,
financial statement analysis, time value of money, net present
value, risk and return, stocks and bonds, capital budgeting
decision methods, and forecasting will be covered. Regular
readings from business publications will assist the student in
understanding the application of finance to real-world issues.SP
Prerequisites: MAT 105, MGT 121 and ACC 210 or ACC 220 or
ACC 125
Recommended: MAT 123
MGT 215 Business Law
3 Credits
This introductory course in business law covers the foundations
of law, the types of law, the court systems, and the basis of law.
The two main focus areas of this course are Contracts and the
Law of Sales with information on agency and employment law.
MGT 216 Human Resource Management
3 Credits
People are an organization’s most valuable resource. Effective
use of human resources can create a strategic advantage for
any corporation wise enough to value and develop the potential
of their people. This course examines the human resource
processes of job analysis and design, recruitment, selection,
and hiring, as well as compensation, benefits, and downsizing.
A review of significant human resources laws is also included.
Regular readings in business periodicals keep this subject firmly
anchored in current examples of these topics. FA
MKT 103 Sales and Customer Service
3 Credits
This course will present students with professional selling
techniques and skills commonly used in business. Methods of
gaining customer attention, interest, desire, and action will be
included. Customer services skills used in retail, business to
business, and other transactions are also emphasized throughout
the course. SP
MKT 112 Introduction to Marketing
3 Credits
This introductory course is designed to present an overview
of the concepts of marketing principles and practices used in
business. Models, concepts, and techniques that are effective
in the design and implementation of a marketing application
are discussed. This course will continue on in MKT-125-
Introduction to Marketing Strategies. FA
MKT 120 Marketing on the Internet
3 Credits
Internet participation is essential for successful business today.
This course examines how businesses can market themselves,
provide customer service, and connect with customers using the
internet. Online marketing strategies used in this course include
search engine optimization, pay per click, affiliate programs,
mobile marketing, site analytics, and social media. FA
Prerequisites: CIS 101 or demonstrated knowledge of
computer operations, MKT 112 or instructor approval
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