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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
NRS 230 Leadership for the Practical Nurse
2 credits
This course prepares the Practical Nurse in understanding of
professional responsibilities, leadership roles and styles, and
in coordinating and managing patient care. Students develop
competence in various leadership disciplines including effective
communication, interpersonal relations, self-awareness, and
organizational skills. Students gain knowledge necessary to
complete a basic professional portfolio that will prepare them
for employment in a variety of healthcare settings as a Practical
Nurse. Students complete a leadership project that encompasses
knowledge and skills gained throughout the course. Students are
also required to display competence through written exams and
papers utilizing current evidence base practice. SP
NRS 243 Foundations of Medical Surgical Nursing II
5 Credits
Medical and surgical conditions and the related nursing care are
presented in the following areas: cardiac, urinary, endocrine,
reproductive, musculoskeletal, neurological, sensory, and
sensory systems. Review of other systems taught as needed.
Clinical experience occurs in a variety of health care settings
throughout the community. Students provide care to patients of
all age groups. FA/SP
Prerequisite: NRS 143, Corequisite: NRS 116
OCR 105 Occupational Relations
3 Credits
This course introduces students to personal and work-related
strategies for seeking and keeping employment. Students will
study typical employee behavior and organizational culture
with an emphasis on seeking solutions to real-life problems.
Motivation, leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, and
communication will be examined as they apply to successfully
achieving personal and corporate goals within organizations.
Students will practice interviewing techniques and resume
writing. This course prepares students to enter the job market
and develop the behavioral skills necessary for job retention and
success. FA
OFP 130 Data Entry-Spreadsheets
1 Credit
This course introduces basic spreadsheet design and
development with an emphasis on 10-key technique, speed, and
accuracy. FA/SP
OFP 140 Electronic Office Concepts
3 Credits
This course is for students anticipating employment at any
level of a business organization. It emphasizes concepts and
terminology necessary to function effectively in the electronic
office. It introduces office automation as it relates to the
electronic office and the electronic scheduling of appointments
and tasks. The course will present the creation and management
of notes and telephone messages, and the effective and ethical
utilization of electronic distribution of mail and files. Activities
will include theory, instruction, demonstration, and hands-on
experience. SP
OFP 141 Business Presentations
3 Credits
This course prepares students to develop and deliver effective
presentations to groups in a business environment. Attention is
given to helping students overcome fear of public speaking by
providing a supportive, encouraging, professional atmosphere.
Instruction in Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software is
provided as a tool for assisting students in designing and creating
engaging and informative presentations using text charts, data
charts, graphics, and other business-oriented information,
including sound clips and even film images. The course includes
instruction, demonstration, and hands-on experience in a
computer lab setting employing state-of-the-art equipment. SP
Prerequisite: CIS 101 or equivalent or instructor approval or
BOT 170
OFP 142 Business Spreadsheets
3 Credits
This course uses a spreadsheet software package to produce and
utilize spreadsheets, a powerful tool in today’s business world.
Prerequisite: CIS 101 or equivalent or BOT 170
OFP 152 Practicum I
1 Credit
This course is a one-semester (45 hour) cooperative education
component which allows the student to work or observe in
an approved position in the community in order to apply and
enhance the office occupations skills learned in the classroom.
OFP 210 Advanced Office Applications
3 Credits
This course instructs students in advanced theories and technical
applications using one of the most popular office suites currently
used by industry. FA
Prerequisite: BOT 170
OFP 220 Integrated Office Concepts
3 Credits
This capstone class will allow students to implement what
they have learned throughout the program in a simulated
office environment. Emphasis will be placed on applying
office and administrative skills in real-world situations. In
addition, students will take industry-recognized exams to certify
knowledge in the office area. SP
OFP 227 Database Management
3 Credits
This course examines the principles of database development
and management. Topics include normalizing data for use in a
relational database, designing database tables and relationships,
creating forms, utilizing queries and designing reports. The
course includes theory, instruction, demonstration, and hands-on
experience. FA
Prerequisite: CIS 101 or equivalent
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