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2016-2017______________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
surgical asepsis, gown and gloving procedures, draping
techniques; sutures and needles; sponges dressings, drains, care
of specimens; and instruments and special equipment. FA
SRT 102 Surgical Procedures I
4 Credits
This course includes the study of surgical procedures for each
defined body system. Each of the units of instruction includes
a brief history, procedures, special considerations, and the
drugs used. Operative procedures, types of incisions, special
equipment, instruments, and supplies for each specialty are also
integrated as part of the course. FA
SRT 103 Preparation of the Surgical Patient
3 Credits
This course is designed to enable the student to become skilled
in assisting with the preparation, transportation, positioning, and
anesthesia of the surgical patient. FA
SRT 104 Clinical Practicum
5 Credits
Upon completion of the program requirements, the student
will participate in a clinical practicum as an integral part of the
course. Clinical experience in surgery, scrubbing, and orientation
to circulating is included. FA
SRT 105 Pharmacology for Surgical Technologists
2 Credits
This course is designed to provide skills and information about
how drugs are measured, what kinds of drugs there are, what
laws pertain to them, and how they’re administered. Surgical
pharmacology and anesthesia are stressed with emphasis on side
effects and drug reactions as well as emergency measures used
to counteract these reactions. FA
SRT 201 Operating Room Techniques II
4 Credits
This course is a continuation of SRT 101; Operating Room
Techniques I where the study of safety in the operating room,
duties or scrubbing or circulating, surgical asepsis, gown and
gloving procedures, draping techniques, are learned. This
course will also include different types of incisions, specialized
equipment, instruments, and supplies for each specialty. SP
SRT 202 Surgical Procedures II
4 Credits
This course is a continuation of SRT 102; Surgical Procedures
I. Included in this course is information for more advanced
operative procedures such as neurosurgery, microsurgery
procedures, cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries. SP
SRT 204 Advanced Clinical Practicum
8 Credits
This course is a cooperative education work experience in
a clinical health facility under direct supervision of faculty
personnel. Students complete specific and predetermined
learning objectives and surgical procedures. SP
RDS 109 Nuclear Regulatory Practices
1 Credit
Students will become acquainted with regulations implemented
by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The NRC
establishes the regulations for the use and storage of radioactive
materials for nuclear power plants, research reactors, and other
medical, industrial, and academic licensees. This course will
cover NRC radiation protection regulation guides, the NRC
licensing process, and a review of the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) regulatory guidance to federal agencies and
it’s involvement with radioactive materials. Emphasis will be
placed on the RP Fundamentals exam required for technicians at
commercial nuclear facilities. SP
RDS 111 Supervised Work Experience
6 Credits
A supervised work experience will be conducted at an instructor-
approved work site or on the campus of Eastern Idaho Technical
College. SU
REL 104 Communications in Radiological Safety
2 Credits
Students will learn to write radiological work permits,
participate in ALARA reviews, post-job interviews, pre-job
briefings, effectively communicate with workers, understand
plant and area communication systems, and verbal and non-
verbal communications. SP
REL 107 Nuclear Components and Plant Systems
1 Credit
This course provides the students with the knowledge necessary
to understand nuclear power plant systems and components and
apply that information to the job of a radiation safety technician.
An overview of the systems of a boiling water and pressurized
water reactors will be discussed. Students will learn how a
reactor produces usable electrical energy, the fission process, the
major components of each system, how the systems interrelate,
and radiological hazards associated with the system. The basic
principles of operation for the major components and equipment
and the radiological precautions associated with maintenance
tasks for each system. SP
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
3 Credits
This introductory course presents the fundamental principles
affecting human social systems. Emphasis is placed on the
cultural and social forces governing groups and the conditions
that transform social life, such as family, social change, social
inequality, deviance, population, religion, culture, and the
socialization process. ALL
Prerequisite: A COMPASS score >67 in both Reading and
Writing, or an ACT English score >17, or an SAT English score
>450, or a GAIN score of 871
SRT 101 Operating Room Techniques I
4 Credits
This course includes the study of safety and economy in the
operating room; duties of the scrub and circulating technologist;
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