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EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE_ _____________________________________________________________ 2016-2017
WLD 131 Safety and Leadership
2 Credits
The student will identify lab organization and safety procedures,
demonstrate applied leadership skills and abilities, demonstrate
and identify hand tools and their proper usage. The student
will also demonstrate and identify power tools and equipment
including their proper usage and maintenance. FA
WLD 132 Blueprint Reading for Welders
2 Credits
The blueprint course will cover basic lines, views, dimensioning
and structural shapes, abbreviation and weld symbols, working
with structural and piping drawings and bill of materials. FA
WLD 133 Welding Theory
2 Credits
This course consists of basic metallurgy, identification of metals
and electrodes, theory of welding processes, identify proper
usage of testing methods, welding gases, joint design and
configuration, welding positions, welding currents and polarity.
Welding qualifications and procedures will also be covered. FA
WLD 134 SMAW Practical
4 Credits
SMA welding to include fillet and groove welds in all positions
to the AWS standards. Successfully completing this course may
lead to certification. FA
WLD 135 Cutting Operations Lab I
2 Credits
The student will learn and perform cutting operations to prepare
weld coupons using the following processes: Manual OFC,
Machine OFC on pipe and plate, Manual PAC, Machine PAC
and CAC-A. The student will learn straight cutting techniques as
well as beveling, piercing, gouging, and scarfing. FA
WLD 141 Blueprint Reading II
2 Credits
This course will be a continuation of Blueprint Reading for
Welders. The student will receive practice in mechanical drawing
of blueprints as well as sheet metal layout and fabrication
techniques. Multiple patterns will be drawn in the classroom
and then fabricated in the shop. SP
Prerequisite: WLD 132
WLD 142 Welding Lab I
10 Credits
This will be a continuation of SMAW Practical. The student will
continue to learn different welding techniques for various joint
configurations and positions using SMAW and GMAW welding
processes. All welds will be visually inspected to AWS/ASME
standards. SP
Prerequisite: WLD 134
WLD 231 Welding Theory II
2 Credits
This course will cover filler metal classifications for GMAW,
FCAW, GTAW, and OFW as well as theory of the previous
welding processes. The student will also continue the study of
ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and their weldability. FA
Prerequisite: WLD 133
WLD 232 Welding Lab II
10 Credits
This course is a continuation of WLD-142 and will focus on
open root welds on plate in 4 test positions using GMAW and
FCAW processes. Next, the student will be introduced to the
GTAW process using mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
sheet metal following up with open root plate tests on 1/4” plate.
Prerequisite: WLD 142
WLD 233 Welding Lab III
10 Credits
This course will focus on pipe welding test procedures using the
SMAW, GMAW and GTAW welding processes in the 5G and
6G test positions. Completion of this course will require passing,
to AWS acceptance criteria, multiple destructive bend tests on
various sizes of pipe from 2” through 6”. SP
Prerequisite: WLD 232
WLD 234 Welding Fabrication Lab
2 Credits
In this course the student will be given a blueprint to construct a
small pressure vessel. The student will be expected to program
all of the necessary parts on the CNC plasma table, cut them
from the required plate, prepare multiple parts from pipe and
then weld them all together as per the blueprint. The welding
will consist of four common welding processes and all welds
will be done in position. SP
Prerequisite: WLD 233
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