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Policy 107: Disciplinary Actions

Category: Personnel
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees
Approved: 2018-11-14

107.1 POLICY

CEI expects its employees to meet its performance expectations and adhere to CEI’s Employee Code of Conduct and Ethics as well as other applicable policies and procedures. Employees who fail to meet performance expectations or engage in unacceptable conduct shall be subject to corrective action.

The objective of the process is to assist the employee in resolving the problem or to provide appropriate documentation to support actions taken if the problem is unresolved. Nothing in this is intended to, or should be construed to, alter CEI’s right to discharge an employee at any time or for any reason. CEI, at its discretion, shall determine, based on the circumstances of each matter, which and how many steps in the progressive discipline process may take place prior to discharge.


Employees must take personal responsibility for their conduct. Enforcement of CEI’s policies among employees is the continuing responsibility of supervisors. When employees fail to meet established standards or violate CEI policy, initiation of the four-step discipline process described below may be necessary:

  • Verbal Coaching – Conversation will be followed up in the form of an email from supervisor to employee and Human Resources to be retained in the employee personnel file. Documentation is retained in the employee personnel file.
  • Written Warning – Documentation is retained in the personnel file maintained by Human Resources.
  • Final Written Warning – (which may include suspension with or without pay depending on the circumstances). Documentation is retained in the personnel file maintained by Human Resources. This is a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).
  • Demotion, Involuntary Transfer, or Termination – Documentation is retained permanently in the personnel file maintained by Human Resources.

It is the expectation that any performance infraction serious enough to merit documentation is of sufficient significance to be referenced in the annual performance review.

A recommendation for demotion, involuntary transfer, or termination should be documented in writing, should state the reason(s) for which the action is being taken, and should outline the efforts, if any, which have been made to improve the employee’s performance or address the conduct in question. Further, any such recommended action should be discussed with the HR Executive Director and approved by the appropriate dean, vice president or president.

Disciplinary forms are available in the human resources office. Human Resources will be involved in all disciplinary processes.

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