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NOTEApplicants must now be a certified CNA to apply for the RN and LPN program. 

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course is designed for persons needing nursing assistant training or for students preparing to enter the practical nursing program. In addition to the classroom and lab hours, 32 hours of clinical experience must be completed in a skilled nursing facility. The clinical portion of the course must be successfully completed during the same term as the lecture/lab and will typically be offered on Thursdays and Saturdays, pending availability of approved facilities. After passing the class, students are eligible to test for the state skills exam and then the state written exam. Both exams are offered at CEI. You have six months after passing the class to pass the skills exam and another six months to pass the written exam.

What Jobs Can I Get?

As a CNA, you are qualified to work at assisted living facilities, long term care facilities, home health care companies, doctor offices and clinics, and hospitals. Also, you must be a certified CNA to apply for the nursing program at most institutions, including CEI.

How Long Will it Take?

Our non-credit CNA is approximately eight weeks long and the credit CNA is a full semester long.

Why Certified Nursing Assistant at CEI?

We offer multiple CNA classes in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Salmon, and Arco. We include the Health Care Provider CPR course as part of your class. You will have experienced and knowledgeable instructors and support staff. You are able to take the course, the State skills exam, and State written test all at CEI.

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