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ALEKS Math Placement Test


ALEKS is the online math placement test used at CEI. It is important to be placed in the correct math class for the best chance of success.

One of the great features of the ALEKS placement test is the tutorials that are included in the testing fee.

After you take the first test, ALEKS pinpoints the areas to study so that you are prepared to take the math class you need for your degree.

After your first test, log in at home or in the math center to use the tutorial, called the Prep and Learning Module, to improve your score. Dedicated students have skipped entire classes.

Steps to take the placement test:

  1. Click the ALEKS link on a school computer or on our web site.
    The link opens the ALEKS registration page.
    If you already have an account, log in.
    Otherwise, create an account.
    Type your email address carefully and remember your password.
  2. ALEKS will assign a login name; remember this name.
  3. There will be a short survey for the school.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT! A skills tutorial will show you how to answer the questions. You will need to be able to enter fractions and square roots on the test. When students learn how to enter the answers before going into the test, they do much better. If at all possible, do this step in the Tutoring Center, room 135. Contact Kathleen Judy at if you have questions.
  5. Go to the cashier's office and pay for your test.
  6. Take your voucher to the testing center. In the testing center, log in to your ALEKS account and choose "Begin Assessment". The proctor will enter the password.

During a 6 month period you get five tries in at the test with a bit of study in between each. Use the Prep and Learning module to save money and time by skipping prerequisite math classes.

For more detailed registration instruction click here.

To register now for placement in CEI math classes click here.


Testing Center

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Room 25 (lower level)
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Testing Center (Summer) Hours

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  • Testing must be finished by the closing time of the session. 
  • There may be an occasional day when testing is not possible due to holidays or other conflicts. 
  • Please verify availability of testing session prior to arrival.
  • Campus Directions and Information. Do not park in visitor parking spaces while testing. 

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