Eastern Idaho Technical College
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program software from any Internet-enabled device no matter their location. This has
dramatically impacted students, many of whom would not be able to afford individual copies of
program specific software and find it difficult to arrange time to be on campus to complete
homework assignments. EduCloud has helped to increase access and student success by making
costly software available to students at home. Wi-Fi capabilities allow students to access the
Internet and campus resources via the Educloud with their personal computers, tablets, phones
or other devices.
The combination of these systems and services allows EITC to reach students wherever they
are, either on or off campus. It also allows instructors to take advantage of the latest
technological tools to enhance student interaction and learning.
Furthermore, EITC makes a collective effort both to make students aware of these tools and to
show students how to use them. For example, student orientation provides training to students
on Blackboard, e-mail, Webadvisor and Educloud, and during the first two weeks of every
semester, the EITC tutoring center in conjunction with IT staff provides twice-daily workshops
to students who may still be having issues in these critical areas.
The majority of the college’s hardware, software, and application deployment directly supports
educational programs. Blackboard Learn, Ellucian Colleague/ Web Advisor and Educloud-
published applications, as well as virtual desktop computers, are technologies added to support
teaching and learning.
2.G.6 Training and Support in Effective Use of Technology
Information Technology (IT) has ensured that as new systems come into the environment,
training and appropriate support are considered. Sometimes this training and support is
provided by a third-party, but generally it is provided by the on-site technical staff. For
example, with the implementation of the Student Information System (SIS), training was
provided primarily by the SIS vendor. This was supplemented by in-house training and
refresher by technical and educational staff. New hires receive training, both hands on and
document review, from the expert in their area. IT has also provided “brown-bag” training to
be held during lunch breaks and has provided training during campus in-service sessions.
In addition, IT has partnered with Faculty Senate and the BOT Division Manager specifically, to
prepare and conduct training related to educational technology. This training is developed
jointly and then presented by faculty members for faculty. IT has also collaborated with the
State of Idaho Virtual Academy to use already developed interactive courseware related to
campus educational systems.
To address the demands for more technology, IT has added 10 servers since 2010, bringing the
total to 35 production servers. A new data center has been approved for construction this fiscal
year which will improve the support for these critical systems.
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