Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 96
2.G.7 Technology Infrastructure Planning Process
The IT Manager has overall responsibility for campus technology planning, including desktop
hardware and software, infrastructure hardware and software, and telecommunications for
both the educational and support environments. The IT Manager works with faculty, staff, and
students to solicit suggestions and comments about new technologies and the use of existing
technologies. This process has been informal, normally handled via face-to-face discussions and
email communications.
IT is also responsible for recommending new solutions to either the Faculty Senate or Staff
council, as appropriate, for review and recommendations. Additionally, new technology
requests are evaluated by IT for compatibility with existing systems and recommendations for
suitable substitutes if there is incompatibility. Again this process is informal and is handled by
direct communications with the appropriate constituencies.
EITC has made a concerted effort to include members of the Student Senate in all planning
efforts. This inclusion has been formalized in the Student Senate duties and responsibilities
(e.g. committee attendance) as well as through campus policy and committee charters.
2.G.8 Technology Update and Replacement Plan
As part of the strategic planning process, the Information Technology Manager submits an
annual plan for phased replacement of technology-related equipment. This plan is submitted in
early March, early enough to be evaluated before annual budgeting and strategic planning
meetings. The IT manager works diligently within the framework of the proposed plan to work
towards appropriate updates and replacement.
Software updates, for the most part, are driven by faculty need. Unless a piece of software is
deemed exclusively a support staff function, the software awaits implementation based on
recommendations from the Instructional Advisory Council (IAC). For example, when Microsoft
releases a new version of Microsoft Office Suite, the software is not implemented in either staff
or educational environments until IAC has determined faculty is ready to teach using the new
software (e. g. availability of textbooks and updated lesson plans).
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