Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 98
Appendix 2.G.
EITC Core Themes
EITC provides a safe, clean, inviting, and functional campus setting. EITC provides
comprehensive student support from pre-enrollment through employment (Admissions,
Financial Aid, Placement, Foundation, Library, Business Office, Center for New
Directions, Tutoring Center).
EITC provides an atmosphere that fosters communication and growth. Communications
include both external communications with community state and other stakeholders
and internal communications among staff and faculty. Growth includes Student growth
and professional growth of staff and faculty
EITC is a good steward of the funds entrusted to it through state appropriations, grants,
student fees and other sources and seeks to become increasingly effective in the
application of those funds through reporting and justification of how funds were spent.
EITC is a place of learning where students learn and develop workplace skills. We use
the most appropriate learning methods and provide instruction that is not only
academically rigorous but is also tailored to the needs of the community.
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