Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 100
core themes, outcomes assessment, and planning. This work will begin in the fall of
Institutional planning and the budget need to reflect more specifically the potential to
achieve our mission and vision.
The college recognizes that integrating strategic planning and accreditation goals and
indicators is a worthwhile endeavor and will ultimately result in a smoother, more
efficient, and effective process of planning and assessment. This work is ongoing, and
the college has made positive progress toward this end.
As the college continues this work, much reflection will be needed to determine the
viability of the core indicators and the data collected to support them. Are they the
correct indicators; and is the College collecting the right data to make meaningful
decisions regarding planning and improvement?
In conclusion, EITC’s greatest strength is the quality of its employees – from faculty to
maintenance to staff in student services and the business office to a great administrative team
–all are committed to providing an open, caring, innovative environment for students to learn
and prosper. Students are nurtured in their academic life and strengthened in their roles as
workers, citizens, and family members as a result of being a part of EITC’s community.
The College is proud to submit this report to NWCCU. We look forward to the response and
suggestions from evaluators as we collectively continue to pursue excellence in our mission as a
professional-technical college.
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