Eastern Idaho Technical College
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2.A.2 Governance
Key Words
: Clear division of authority and responsibility. Policies,
regulations, and procedures clearly defined.
What we are Doing Right
Within days of this activity, comments were transcribed and posted for view. Administration
addressed all areas of concern and these were communicated through division managers to
This exercise proved empowering for most of the College community. Responses
demonstrated knowledge and interest in the various elements of our mission and in the
accreditation effort.
In fall of 2012, the Commission informed us that EITC was chosen to be “remotely” evaluated,
rather than have an on-site visit. This meant that evaluators would need to have easy
electronic access to many of the materials we would normally make available in a team room.
As a result, the report utilizes in-text citations in the form of hyperlinks so that evaluators can
easily check references as they read through the document. At the end of each major section,
there is also a reference list that contains hyperlinks and a list of other documents available on
evaluators’ jump-drives. Documents on the jump-drive could not be hyperlinked due to their
location on the College Intranet.
Acknowledgements must be given to the entire college community for their willingness to
answer questions, respond to surveys, and provide help when asked. The administration, staff,
and faculty of EITC are extraordinary people, who are invested in making students feel
welcome, providing exceptional services of all kinds, and creating a warm, safe, and open
environment for students to learn and grow.
Those specifically involved in writing, reviewing, and editing EITC’s
Three-Year Self Evaluation
are gratefully acknowledged for their excellent work. They include the following
members of the Steering Committee and other contributors:
Steve Albiston, President –
Steering Committee
Sharee Anderson, Vice-President for Instruction and Student Affairs
– Steering Committee
Annabel Barajas, Bridges to Success
Becky Chapman, Faculty (Surgical Technologies)
Melody Clegg, Adult Basic Education Division Manager
Robert Bodily, Media Services Manager
Ken Erickson, Workforce Training and Community Education Division Manager
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