Eastern Idaho Technical College
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Updated Chapter One: Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations
Executive Summary of Eligibility Requirements 2 and 3
Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC), created by legislation in 1969, is authorized by the Idaho
State Board of Education (SBOE) and the Department of Professional-Technical Education (PTE)
to operate as an independent two-year Technical College. The College awards Associate of
Applied Science (AAS) Degrees, Technical Certificates, and Advanced Technical Certificates.
Mission and Core Themes
EITC’s mission is clearly defined and approved by the Idaho State Board of Education consistent
with its legal authorization and is appropriate to a degree-granting institution. The college
mission statement reads:
Eastern Idaho Technical College provides superior educational services in a
positive learning environment that champions student success and regional
workforce needs.
The College’s core themes are clearly defined and each theme is closely aligned with the
college’s mission statement. The core themes are:
Supportive – EITC supports students in a positive learning environment.
Community – EITC provides an atmosphere that fosters communication and growth,
both with the community and within the college community.
Accountable – EITC is accountable to our governing body, each other, and our students.
Learning – EITC is committed to a positive learning environment.
The college allocates all of its resources to support its educational mission and core themes.
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