Eastern Idaho Technical College
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Standard 1.A. Mission
In accordance with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)
accreditation process, this revised Year-One Report represents an overview and analysis of the
College Mission, Vision, Core Themes, and the means used to assess mission accomplishment.
The Mission and Vision of Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC) were first developed in in 1997
as part of the 1998 full-scale accreditation process. The mission and vision is reviewed annually
by the President’s Advisory Council (PAC), considering input from campus constituencies.
Several small changes have been made over the past 16 years to clarify and strengthen the
statements. As part of the new accreditation process, a more extensive review of the mission
was completed, soliciting direct input from all campus members. A Year-One Committee was
formed to consider campus inputs from faculty, staff, and students and make a consolidated
recommendation to PAC. The review and eventual recommendation included not only mission
and vision, but also core themes. This recommendation included some minor changes to the
mission and vision, mostly grammatical. PAC reviewed the recommendation and approved all
The committee also recommended that the mission and vision statements be reviewed
annually by the college community as part of the fall in-service activities. One of the activities
engaged in at the fall 2012 in-service was designed to increase awareness of and connection to
the mission and vision. All employees were asked to consider, discuss, and write (on large Post-
It note paper) how they contributed to the mission and vision. Their responses were compiled
and made available on the College Intranet.
After the initial
Year-One Report
was submitted, a year-three committee was formed to begin
addressing the subsequent report due in March 2013. This committee was primarily
responsible for the review of the year-one findings and compiling the
Findings Response Report
submitted to the Commission in March, 2012.
Members of the Year-One Steering Committee included the following:
Sandra Bland – Classified Staff Representative (Student Services)
Doug DePriest - Chief Information Officer and ALO
Joshua Duersch – Computer Networking Technologies Instructor
Lynn Durtschi – Health Professions Instructor
Ken Erickson – Workforce Training/Community Education Manager
Kathleen Judy – Mathematics Instructor
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