Eastern Idaho Technical College
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Peggy Nelson – General Education Division Manager
Audrey Weaver – Student Body President
Standard 1.A Mission
1.A1 Institution’s Mission Statement
Eastern Idaho Technical College provides superior educational services in a positive learning
environment that champions student success and regional workforce needs.
1.A.2 Interpretation of Mission Fulfillment
EITC’s mission statement, including revisions, has been a collaborative effort from its inception
in 1997. The mission and vision are posted in all the buildings on campus, are an integral part
of all College publications, and are well understood and supported by the campus community.
The mission statement is reviewed annually at the fall in-service. Employees are encouraged to
express any thoughts or feelings they have regarding interpretation or fulfillment of the
mission. Comments collected during the fall 2012 in-service indicate a great deal of pride in
contributions to mission fulfillment.
In 2011, when the year-one report was submitted, the college had not provided enough
information on mission approval. In the 2012
Findings Response Report
to the Commission, we
clarified this element as follows:
EITC’s primary controlling body is the Division of Professional-Technical Education (PTE);
however, the College also maintains an active local advisory board. As the only stand-alone
technical college in the State of Idaho, we are governed by the State Board of Education (SBOE).
While mission, vision, core themes, etc. are submitted to and reviewed by PTE and our local
advisory board, final approval must come from the SBOE.
Until recently, this process has been incorporated as part of the annual review and approval of
our campus strategic plan. In compliance with this statute, EITC submits its annual strategic
plan to the SBOE for review and approval.
A change in procedure was proposed at the April SBOE meeting. This change, recognizing the
need to meet NWCCU policy for specific approval of mission, vision, core themes, etc., was
proposed to allow state colleges and universities to comply with accreditation policy. Minutes
from the SBOE April and June 2011 were provided to the Commission in the
March, 2012
Findings Response Report
EITC Strategic Plan
, including mission and vision, was approved by the SBOE during the
June 2011 board meeting. Pursuant to the newly proposed SBOE policy, EITC submitted its
mission, vision, and core themes for specific individual approval at the February 2012 SBOE
meeting. These items were approved during the February 23, 2012.
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