Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 18
Objective (Goal)
1C. EITC provides
effective student
support services.
To ensure that critical
support services are
provided to students and
employees in an effective
way. Incorporating and
reviewing survey
elements will help
determine overall
effectiveness and
opportunities for
1.C.1 Students perceive
library resources and
services to be adequate.
1.C.2 Students perceive
the library staff to be
helpful and
1.C.3 Students perceive
the value of services
offered through the
Tutoring Center.
1.C.1 Student Satisfaction
.47 (FY12)
.47 (FY13)
1.C.2 Student Satisfaction
1.09 (FY12)
.82 (FY13) This is not as
high as national averages.
EITC will focus on this area
for improvement.
1.C.3 Student Satisfaction
.42 (FY12)
.60 (FY13) – this compares
to national average.
2. Community
EITC provides an atmosphere that fosters communication and growth. Communications include
both external communications with community, state, and other stakeholders and internal
communications among staff and faculty. Growth includes student growth and professional
growth of staff and faculty.
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