Eastern Idaho Technical College
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Objective (Goal)
will position them for
employment in their
chosen field. These
indicators will help us
to determine the
acceptability of
training in the work-
community and the
rigor associated with
our programs.
4.B.2. Performance on
certification exams.
4.B.3. Performance on
Technical Skills Assessments
4.B.4. Student perception of
instructional effectiveness.
Data being
Data being gathered
Student evaluations
are done fall and
spring semesters
and evaluated by
faculty and division
EITC is still in the process of gathering and evaluating the usefulness of data related to core
themes. Processes are beginning to emerge that will assist the College with planning based on
data collected on our core values. Beginning in fall, 2013, EITC plans to integrate assessment of
core values into the program evaluation process. This, along with program and course outcome
assessment and planning, will provide continuous attention to measures that will lead to
program improvement.
Eastern Idaho Technical College appreciates the opportunity to refine and clarify information
provided in the
Year-One Report
and the
Year-One Findings Response Report
. Assessment and
Planning are becoming more integrated into annual processes at every level of the college and
we look forward to continuous improvement in these areas. Prior to the year-seven report, the
college will be revisiting and likely revising or adding to core themes. Course and Program
outcomes are continuing to improve in content and quality. Faculty, even adjunct faculty, are
now involved in this process.
EITC is pleased to present in the following pages our
Year-Three Report
to the Commission and
look forward to the upcoming responses.
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