Eastern Idaho Technical College
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human relations in one course (OCR-105). Some courses may have embedded instruction in
one or more of these areas; however, this related instruction must have clearly identified
outcomes for the disciplines which are embedded.
Library and Information Resources
EITC’s library and information resources are consistent with the College mission and core
themes of being supportive, accountable, and a place of learning for the college community.
The library has an ongoing goal to provide students, faculty, and varying programs with
information that has currency, depth, and breadth. Ebsco, the library’s database provides easy
access to a wide variety of journal articles and periodicals that are searchable and available to
students, faculty and staff both on-site and at any remote location.
Physical and Technological Infrastructure
EITC provides the physical and technological infrastructure necessary to achieve our mission
and core themes. Buildings undergo an annual safety inspection by the State Division of
Building Safety. Regular inspections of facilities are conducted by maintenance and custodial
staff (e.g. fire extinguisher checks, stocking of first aid kits and material condition of AED’s) to
ensure a safe and productive. Maintenance and custodial staff, as well as the campus
administration, work closely with the Disabilities Coordinator to ensure accessibility in physical
Information Technology (IT) plays a key role in matching technology to the needs of the
campus. Classrooms are equipped with networked computer stations for instructors,
projectors and screens. Computer labs are kept up to date and accessible. An additional effort
to support student learning happened two years ago when EITC made the decision to support
the software needs of students through a Software as a Service model. Local funds and
resources were dedicated to develop, build and implement what is now known as EduCloud.
This system allows registered students to access their network drive and any program software
from any internet enabled device no matter their location.
EITC’s IT department is extremely responsive to the needs of the college. A Help Desk, which is
staffed until the college closes at night is a huge help to faculty, many of whom teach evening
classes. IT staff can be reached by phone or by putting in a “ticket” online.
Academic Freedom
EITC fosters an environment of academic freedom where faculty and students are free to
examine and test all knowledge appropriate to their discipline. This is particularly relevant to
general education courses where students are often exposed to broader ideas than they might
encounter in their technical programs. The College is guided by policy 301, “Academic
Freedom.” The College believes that free inquiry expands students’ knowledge of ethical issues,
improves critical and independent thinking and promotes respect and understanding among a
diverse population.
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