Eastern Idaho Technical College
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EITC has an open admissions policy. Specific programs or courses may require prerequisite
course work and some students may be referred to the Adult Basic Education division for
remedial coursework before entering credit courses. Standard admission requirements are
complete and included on the EITC Webpage and the EITC Catalog. Admissions information is
also provided to students in the
Student Planner/Handbook
and reinforced by admission
counselors, student orientation, and the registrar’s office. ACT, SAT, and COMPASS placement
score protocols are also published in the catalog and the
Student Planner/Handbook
Public Information
EITC publishes all public information relevant to the college on both the website and catalog.
Core values are not yet published in the catalog, but will be included in the 2013-14 edition. All
other information listed under this eligibility requirement is available to the public, students,
and employees of the college.
Financial Resources
EITC’s financial resources are sufficient to support programs and services. Planning reflects
available funds, realistic development of financial resources, and appropriate risk management
to ensure short-term solvency and anticipate long-term obligations.
Financial Accountability
Annual independent audits are conducted by a firm contracted by the State Board of Education.
Audit reports are reviewed by both the administration and governing board. Results have
consistently confirmed the adequacy of controls and accurate representation of financial data.
EITC has and will continue to disclose to the Commission all information the Commission may
require to carry out its evaluation and accreditation functions.
Relationship with the Accreditation Commission
EITC maintains an excellent relationship with NWCCU. A number of our faculty and
administration have been trained as evaluators and we fully accept the standards and related
policies of the Commission. The College agrees to comply with these standards and policies as
currently stated or as modified in accordance with Commission policy. The College also agrees
that the Commission may, at its discretion, make known the nature of any action, positive or
negative, regarding the institution’s status with the Commission to any agency or members of
the public requesting such information.
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