Eastern Idaho Technical College
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Student Achievement
EITC identifies and publishes the expected learning outcomes for each degree and certificate
program in the Catalog. Outcomes are measured and evaluated at both the program and
course level. Results are used to improve curriculum and instruction.
Institutional Effectiveness
EITC systematically evaluates data collected through surveys, program reviews, enrollment and
placement. Data is used to guide and revise outcomes and planning for continuous
improvement. The college does an excellent job of assessing and planning via student learning
outcomes. Program and student outcomes are shared twice a year with industry advisory
committees to ensure that our outcomes are meeting employer and industry standards.
Program reposts are sent annually to the Idaho SBOE. We are currently combining our core-
themes assessment and strategic planning with Idaho SBOE strategic goals to create greater
alignment between other Idaho educational institutions.
Scale and Sustainability
The College maintains a sustainable level of enrollment, human resources, and financial
resources sufficient to fulfill our mission and achieve core themes, both now and in the
foreseeable future.
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