Eastern Idaho Technical College
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Standard 2.A Governance
2.A1 Governance
Eastern Idaho Technical College’s system of governance is one that is clearly defined in terms of
authority, roles and responsibilities. The Idaho State Board of Education Policies and
Procedures Manual
sets forth a
comprehensive policy for all postsecondary institutions in the State of Idaho. Policy III.C.
addresses the governance roles and responsibilities of the board, president, vice-presidents,
faculty, advisory groups and other representative organizations. Also, the
EITC Policies and
Procedures Manual
describes the authority, responsibilities and relationships among
administrators, the college advisory council, faculty, staff and students. The
Policy and
Procedure Manual
is available to faculty and staff for review in order to ensure that policies and
governance are widely understood. If a policy change is initiated or a new policy written, it is
posted on FASTInfo (the college intranet) for comments. All comments are considered and
resolved before the policy is finalized for publication. EITC’s
Policy and Procedures Manual
be found on the jump drive provided to each evaluator.
An organizational chart that clarifies the internal organization of the college can be found on p.
261 of the
Policy and Procedure Manual
. Decision-making processes are aided through several
advisory committees as well as faculty, staff, and student organizations.
The President’s Advisory Council (PAC) meets at least two times each month to discuss general
operations of the college, develop policy, and establish the college budget. It consists of the
President, the Vice President of Instruction and Student Affairs and the Vice-President of
Finance and Administration. Also attending is the President’s administrative assistant who
takes minutes. Minutes are emailed to all college employees promptly.
The Instructional Advisory Committee (IAC) meets twice a month for planning and discussion on
a variety of issues affecting technical programs, professional development, and curricular
changes. It consists of the Vice President for Instruction and Student Affairs, division managers
for Adult Basic Education, Business and Office Technology, General Education, Health Care
Technology, Workforce Training and Community Education and Trades and Industry. Also
attending are the Registrar, the Tech Prep Coordinator, and the Administrative Assistant to the
Vice President. Minutes are posted on FASTInfo and are available to the campus community.
Division managers also inform their faculty of any important information conveyed at these
meetings. The IAC functions as the de-facto Curriculum committee for the College.
Faculty Council meets two to three times a year and is open to all faculty members, full or part-
time. The Senate is composed of representatives from each of the instructional divisions.
Likewise, the Staff Association meets at least twice a year or more if needed. Both of these
councils bring concerns to administration, form ad hoc committees to address emerging issues,
and provide an open forum for their constituents.
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