Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 33
2.A.5 Board Acts Only as a Committee of the Whole
SBOE Policies and Procedures Manual, Section I, General Governing Policies and Procedures,
clearly delineate the board rules for policy making. The board acts as a committee of the whole
when establishing policy and delegates authority appropriately.
2.A.6 Board Oversight of Institutional Policies
The SBOE meets six times during the year as a full committee to review and act upon
institutional and board policy recommendations. The review of SBOE policy is a regular activity.
Revisions of policy are made after input is received from committees, representatives of the
public institutions, and other stakeholders. The Board conducts an annual self-evaluation. See
Board Policy I.M.6
2.A.7 Selection and Evaluation of Chief Executive Officer
The Idaho State Board of Education selects the chief executive officer of Eastern Idaho
Technical College by establishing a search committee comprised of a board member and
representatives from the institution and stakeholders from the local community. The board
conducts an annual evaluation of the chief executive officer during the annual board retreat
which is scheduled each May. The board delegates appropriate authority and responsibility to
the chief executive officer, which is clearly addressed in state board policy Section 1.E
2.A.8 Board Evaluation
The State Board of Education annually evaluates its performance by means of a formal self-
assessment done in conjunction with strategic planning. This assessment process is described in
section I,M.6 of SBOE policy:
Leadership and Management
2.A.9 Effective System of Leadership
EITC’s overall leadership is vested in the President’s Advisory Council. Members of the Council
are qualified administrators with appropriate levels of responsibility and accountability. They
meet every other week to plan, strategize, and manage the financial and organizational affairs
of the college as well as assess its achievements and effectiveness and review accreditation
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