Eastern Idaho Technical College
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The VP for Instruction and Student Affairs guides the affairs of the Instructional Advisory
Council, consisting of division managers; the library; and Student Services. The VP for Finance
and Administration oversees the work of the business office, including purchasing and the
controller’s office. He also has oversight for Human Resources, the Bookstore, the Information
Technology department, Maintenance and Custodial.
Reporting directly to the President are the two Vice-Presidents, the Foundation Director and
the Director of College Relations.
Table five outlines the qualifications for our administrative leaders.
Table 5: Administrative Leadership at EITC
Institutional Leader
Steve Albiston
Ph.D. University of Idaho
Sharee Anderson
Vice President for Instruction
and Student Affairs
D.A. Idaho State University
James Stratton
Vice President of Finance and
M.B.A Washington State
2.A.10 Employs Appropriately Qualified Chief Executive Officer
The institution currently employs a full time chief executive officer (President) that holds a
terminal degree from a regionally accredited university. In addition, the President has 31 years
of experience in higher education, ranging from positions in student affairs to dean of Student
Services to Vice-President of Instruction and Student Affairs prior to his appointment as
2.A.11 Employs Sufficient Number of Qualified Administrators
EITC hires and maintains administrators as needed to verify that essential functions are capably
and effectively managed in a collaborative manner. In addition to executive staff, key
administrators provide oversight of each major instructional department, information
technology division, financial operations and work force training. Each of these key managers
reports directly to a vice president. The Vice-President for Instruction and Student affairs,
instructional division managers, the Tech-Prep Coordinator, and the registrar meet twice
monthly to coordinate academic programs to ensure that they meet our mission, core theme
objectives, and standards. The Vice-President for Finance and Administration oversees very
disparate functions and meets as needed with department heads – anywhere from daily to
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