Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 35
Table 6 Qualified Administrators
Kent Berggren
Trades and Industry Div. Mgr.
ASE Certified Master Auto
Ken Erickson
Workforce Training and Community
Education Div. Mgr.
M.Ed. University of Idaho
Lynn Durtschi
Health Professions Div. Mgr.
M.S. Idaho State University
Christian Godfrey
Business and Office Technology Div.
Ph.D. University of Idaho
Peggy Nelson
General Education Div. Mgr.
Ed.S. University of Idaho
Suzanne Felt
M.Ed. Idaho State University
Carol Perry
Tech. Prep Coordinator
B.S. Idaho State University
Shane Paynter
IT Dept. Mgr.
A.A.S Eastern Idaho Technical
Don Bourne
B.A. Idaho State University
Policies and Procedures
2.A.12 Academic Policies
EITC faculty members are informed by policies related to teaching, service, scholarship, and
research, which are posted on the web and communicated to them through administration and
their yearly contracts.
Policies outline certification necessary to teach in a Professional Technical College (Policy 217);
Work load and service required of full time faculty (Policy 300); and course reviews and
instructional changes required to maintain industry skills and industry accreditation (Policy
305). EITC also has two policies that ensure academic freedom and clearly outline ownership of
intellectual property (Policies 301 /305). The
EITC Policy and Procedures Manual
can be found
on evaluator jump drives.
Academic policies are communicated to students in the catalog and course syllabus. Outcomes
and course descriptions are clearly written and informative and can be found in the catalog and
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