Eastern Idaho Technical College
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on course syllabi. Many syllabi address the required additional testing to obtain certification in
their field.
2.A.13 Library Policies
EITC policy 303 communicates library information to everyone with access to a campus manual.
Information on selection of material and library governance is contained in this policy.
Information on library hours and similar operational data is posted outside the library and on
the website
2.A.14 Transfer of Credit Policy
Transfer credit policy is clearly defined and published in the EITC catalog and student
handbook/planner (also available on the web). The policy is structured to maintain the
integrity of the programs offered at the college while recognizing the value of previously
completed coursework from other institutions of higher learning
The Registrars from each Idaho public Institution governed under the Idaho State Board of
Education provide leadership in ensuring efficient mobility of students between institutions
through membership in the Idaho Registrars Council (IRC). This IRC posts EITC’s transfer credit
acceptance on the State Board of Education website
Members of the IRC meet semi-annually and communicate on an as needed basis by e-mail and
telephone to discuss any issues that may arise concerning transfer of credits from one
institution to another.
At this time, the State Board of Education is investigating the use of TES software to establish a
transfer protocol for the State of Idaho. The focus of the IRC is to maintain integrity in each
institution’s program while helping students to have efficient mobility between institutions.
2.A.15 Student Rights and Responsibilities
Policies and procedures regarding students’ rights and responsibilities are available to students
through a number of venues. The
Student Handbook/Planner
is given to new students during
orientation and is also available on the EITC Website
. The
catalog has sections on academic honesty, grievance procedures, disability resources and
services among other information relevant to students. Syllabi also contain references to
Student Rights and Responsibilities, and include policies on ADA attendance, and academic
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