Eastern Idaho Technical College
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2.A.16 Admission and Placement Policies
EITC maintains an open door policy and grants admission to high school graduates or students
completing a GED. Graduates from non-accredited high schools or home schooled students may
be admitted based on their COMPASS assessment score or/and taking the GED assessment. The
EITC website provides information on admission policies and requirements for specific
Students who wish to enter EITC without an ACT or SAT assessment would be required to take
the COMPASS assessment. Their scores will help counselors place them in the math and English
courses that offer the best chance for success. Cutoff scores are set by each institution and EITC
has followed the suggested scores established for most Idaho institutions. These scores are
currently being reviewed state-wide.
The college catalog outlines the policies and procedures required for continued enrollment as
well as dismissal from the college. Specialized academic programs such as healthcare, may have
separate policies on admission, continuation and dismissal. These would be published in
student handbooks for students in that program. These additional policies are explained to
students during their orientation to the program.
The EITC catalog and student handbook publish ways for students to address grievance
procedures, academic complaints and readmission in a prompt and equitable manner.
2.A.17 Co-Curricular Activities
EITC promotes and supports clubs and other activities which augment classroom instruction
and enrich the learning experience. EITC’s Delta Epsilon Chi Association (DECA) club for
marketing students is regionally well known. Instructions and policies associated with these
program-related clubs are maintained at the program level. Other than encouraging and
supporting these specific clubs and an active Student Senate, the college does not engage in co-
curricular activities such as sports, student publications or other student media. Section III of
the Student Senate bylaws, which are published in the
Student Handbook/Planner
, references
campus clubs.
Human Resources
2.A.18 Policies and Procedures for Fair and Equitable Treatment
As a state agency, the college follows provisions of the Division of Human Resources regarding
hiring, evaluation, retention and pay of individuals on campus. Supplemental procedures which
elaborate on state systems or provide college-specific information are contained in section 2,
“Personnel,” of
EITC’s Policy and Procedures Manual.
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