Eastern Idaho Technical College
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2.A.25 Accuracy in Accreditation Language
EITC has welcomed the opportunity to participate in accreditation activities. We are proud to
accurately represent our current status and do not speculate on future accreditation actions or
2.A.26 Integrity in Contracts
Contractual agreements for products and services are controlled by the school’s Purchasing
Manager. Carefully defined written agreements are developed consistent with requirements
established by the state’s Division of Purchasing. These requirements are consistent with EITC’s
mission, goals, policies and operating philosophy.
Academic Freedom
2.A.27 and 2.A.28 Policies Regarding Academic Freedom and Independent Thought
EITC policy 301, “Academic Freedom” addresses the principles of academic freedom at EITC.
Even though EITC is a professional-technical college and has a restricted curriculum, ethical
discussions can, do, and should arise in the course of study. EITC strongly believes that a college
environment is and must be one in which the free exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions
is necessary while respecting the opinions and beliefs of others. Such an environment expands
the knowledge base on ethical issues, improves critical and independent thinking, and
promotes understanding between individuals and groups.
Every EITC employee is also trained annually in FERPA, hostile workplace environment,
harassment, and safety, which address individual rights and responsibilities.
2.A.29 Parameters of Academic Freedom
Instructors at EITC are expected to present materials fairly and accurately in accordance with
accepted knowledge in their field of study. Personal opinions and materials not normally
accepted should be identified to students as such. Course syllabi contain outcomes that identify
expected learning for each course. These outcomes support the collective knowledge acquired
by research, writing, and testing. Division managers review instructor syllabi each semester for
approval and post to the shared “O” drive. Because this information cannot be hyperlinked
outside the college, the 2012/2013 syllabi will be included as a file on evaluator jump drives for
2.A.30 Financial Integrity
EITC financial structure is based on a combination of state law, State Board of Education policy,
and funding direction provided by the Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education (PTE).
Primary operational funding for the college comes from an allocation of the PTE legislative
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