Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 45
Standard 2.B. Human Resources
2.B.1 Qualified Personnel
EITC employs an adequate number of qualified personnel to provide administrative, operational
and support functions for the college. Full time employees are distributed as follows:
Business Office:
(Executive staff, human resources and payroll)
Student Services:
(Counseling, registration, financial aid)
Information Systems
(includes Office of Institutional Research)
Satisfaction surveys from faculty, staff and students and in particular, surveys conducted by
Noel-Levitz confirm that support levels are adequate. See jump drive for Noel Levitz Survey
Each position at EITC has an associated job description. Job descriptions are reviewed and
revised each time the hiring process is initiated for a position. Creation of a job description is a
mandatory part of creating new positions at the college. For classified positions, the job
descriptions maintained by the Division of Human Resources are used as a baseline and are
expanded to include requirements specific to the College.
Job descriptions are living documents which are regularly referred to by employees and
updated not only when an employee leaves but also during performance evaluations. Because
job descriptions are vital to performance measurement and fair assessment, during
performance evaluation managers/employees are encouraged to review the job’s tasks and
responsibilities. Job descriptions are then updated as tasks, responsibilities and role change to
meet the emerging needs of the organization. An example of a typical job description can be
seen in Appendix 2.B.
2.B.2 Staff Evaluations
Administrators and staff are evaluated annually with regard to performance of work duties and
responsibilities. The form for these evaluations is currently undergoing change from an annual
snapshot of performance to an ongoing evaluation process. This change effort is being
accomplished by the state’s Division of Human Resources. While intended primarily for
classified state employees, EITC has expanded this requirement to include all full time
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