Eastern Idaho Technical College
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English/communications, 3 credits in mathematics/computation, three credits in social
science/human relations, and 3 elective credits.
Certificate programs vary in the number of general education credits required. Some programs
choose to require OCR-105, Occupational Relations, which was designed to address both
communications and human relations for certificate students. Other programs have embedded
instruction for certificate or advanced technical certificates in one or more of the areas listed
above. For example, the technical certificate in Legal Technologies requires MAT 105, Business
Mathematics; ENG 101, Composition; and BOT 151, Leadership, which fulfills the human
relations component. Programs in the Trades and Industry division certificate programs require
MAT 110, Technical Math (for auto and diesel) or MAT 104, Welding math, and ASE 102,
Workplace Technical Skills. ASE 102 is required for all Trades and Industry students enrolled in
technical certificate programs. ASE 102 has outcomes that address human relations and
communication. Evaluators can view the course catalog for courses required in each program
and can view course syllabi on their jump drives and review the outcomes for embedded
general education components. Instruction is taught or monitored by teaching faculty who are
appropriately qualified in those areas. Table 11 addresses the general education courses
required for every program on campus.
Table 11 General Ed Classes for Certificate and Advanced Certificate Programs
Certificate Program
Social Sciences/
Human Relations
Business, Office, and Technology Division
Applied Accounting
ENG 101,
Composition (3 cr)
MAT 105, Business
OCR-105, Occupational
Marketing &
(Advanced Tech Cert)
OCR-105, Occupational
Relations (3 cr) or PSY
101, Intro to
Psychology (3 cr) or
SOC 101, Intro to
Sociology (3 cr)
Business Technology
Office Specialist (Cert)
Legal Assistant (Cert)
BOT 151 & 152,
Health Professions Division
Dental Assisting (Cert)
ENG 101,
Composition (3 cr)
No math class
required at this
Deficiency noted.
PSY 101, Intro to
Psychology (3 cr)
HCT 121,
Professionalism in
Health Careers (1 cr)
1...,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67 69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,...106