Eastern Idaho Technical College
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Standard 2.D Student Support Resources
2.D.1 Learning Environments
Classroom instruction is designed to engage students with different needs and learning styles.
Instructors are well-versed in varied methods of delivery that ensure learning is optimized, and
students feel safe and valued. Programs and support services are welcoming and offer all
students the opportunity to enhance their educational experience. These services include
Student Services academic counselors, the Library, EITC Tutoring Center, Center for New
Directions (career and personal counseling), Adult Basic Education and Disability Resources and
Services program.
One of EITC’s newest programs is the “Bridges to Success” program. This program is a
continuous enrollment initiative sponsored by generous contributions from the J.A. and
Kathryn Albertson Foundation and the Eastern Idaho Technical College Foundation.
“Bridges” is a two-year pilot project designed to measurably increase higher education access,
retention and success for eighty (80) “at-risk” underserved students with “high-risk” factors
such as being non-traditional, first generation, single parent and low income students. It serves
as a managed scholarship program that provides financial assistance, personal and career
counseling, peer mentoring, and academic tutoring to ensure that students first year of college
is a success. The scholarship amount covers the entire first year of full-time tuition, fees, books
and education supplies. This project is designed to mentor four (4) student cohorts of 20
students each who have either graduated from an alternative high school or attained their
General Educational Development (G.E.D) certificate.
Bridges works closely with EITC Adult Basic Education Center and Center for New Direction to
ensure that the student college transition experience is positive and seamless. For students,
these centers serve as secure, knowable passage into college that enables students to safely
navigate the higher education system.
2.D.2 Student Safety and Security
From 2009 through 2011 (latest reported statistics) the College has had no reported violations
in any area. Security is provided by a private security firm that works 24 hours per day, 7 days
per week, with intermittent patrol of the grounds and facilities
The college posts all current
crime statistics and campus security policies on the College’s website
The College maintains an Emergency Operations Plan (jump-drive) that provides information to
the college community. This plan outlines actions EITC officials, in conjunction with local
government officials and volunteer organizations will take to prevent avoidable disasters and
reduce the vulnerability of students, faculty, and staff to any disasters that may occur. It
includes emergency procedures given to all employees to follow in a variety of specific
emergency situations.
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