Eastern Idaho Technical College
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Graduation and transfer policies are discussed in detail in the EITC Catalog and the Student
Handbook/Planner. Each program of study is listed in the EITC Catalog with a suggested scope
and sequence of courses that must be completed in order to meet graduation requirements.
Transfer policies allow for a thorough review of previously completed course work to assess
applicability in meeting graduation requirements. The Registrar’s Office regularly awards
transfer credit for courses that have been previously approved by program and division
managers. In those instances when previous approval has not been granted, the Registrar’s
Office provides program and division managers requisite course and institution information in
order for them to make a decision regarding transfer credit of the course in question.
2.D.4 Program Elimination
Eastern Idaho Technical College supports students in the successful completion of AAS degrees
or certificates even when programs are eliminated or there is significant change. In the case of
program elimination, the college has an ongoing process for assessing the viability of programs.
This allows for clarity in predicting and planning for program elimination. When it is
determined that a program is to be scheduled for elimination, the division manager who
oversees the program is charged with completing a program closure form, the contents of
which address financial considerations as well as the method and timeline by which all
participating students will have the opportunity to complete.
A significant change in requirements to graduate from a program is typically taken care of by
substituting a new course for one that is being discontinued. Students are able to complete a
program using the original catalog that was in place upon matriculation if they have already
successfully completed a course that is to be discontinued, or they are able to take the new
course to satisfy graduation requirements.
EITC follows the Idaho State Board of Education policy III subsection G for program closure
and/or change
2.D.5 Current and Accurate Information
The catalog publishes current and accurate information on all the items listed in 2.D.5 with the
exception of core themes. However, revisions to the 2013-14 catalog will include an
explanation and listing of core themes. Most of this information is also available on the website
and in the Student Handbook. This catalog will be issued in April of 2013. The current Catalog
can be viewed a
2.D.6 Eligibility Information for Licensure and Entry into Professions
EITC currently offers two programs, Registered Nursing and Practical Nursing, which upon
completion, students are required to sit for and pass an exam in order to attain a license to
practice. The EITC catalog specifically addresses the requirement for licensure to enter
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