Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 79
The Registrar uses American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions officers
(AACRAO’s) Retention of Records Guidelines (2010) as a guide to determine the length of time a
record should be retained.
Transcript requests to our website are directed to the National Student Clearinghouse.
EITC educates faculty, staff, and students in the laws that govern education rights and privacy in
several ways. Faculty and staff must take Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
training each year. Students are informed of their FERPA rights in the EITC Student Handbook
and EITC catalogs.
2.D.8 Effective and Accountable Financial Aid Program
The institution maintains an effective and accountable financial aid program. Information
regarding the availability of and the methods by which students may receive financial aid is
available in the EITC catalog, the student handbook, and on the website. In addition, the
college provides financial aid information to new students through the new student orientation
as well as the annual FAFSA Day which occurs each year in late January or early February. The
Financial Aid office reviews its published information and updates as needed semi-annually.
2.D.9 Student Loan Program
EITC complies with all federal student loan disclosure requirements. The Catalog has complete
information on financial aid including application deadline, the application procedure, the types
of financial aid available, financial aid eligibility, appeals procedures, and disbursement.
Students receive information in the form of entrance/exit counseling where they are presented
with a loan booklet explaining their federal loans and borrower responsibilities.
The Financial Aid (FA) office is notified of the default rate yearly by the Department of
Education through a shared electronic mailbox. It is also available to the FA office via the
National Student Loan Data System. EITC’s most recent default rate is 12.3.
2.D.10 Academic Advisement
Each student at Eastern Idaho Technical College is assigned to a faculty advisor in their program
of study. Faculty advisors are knowledgeable not only about the curriculum and requirements
of the program, but also developments within the profession and the local industry. The main
advising tool is the WebAdvisor system, to which students are introduced during orientation.
. WebAdvisor provides a program evaluation
function that will indicate to the student or advisor which courses are required and which
courses still remain to be completed. Through WebAdvisor students are also required to plan
their required courses for each of the succeeding semesters before they are able to register.
Students also check midterm and final grades through WebAdvisor. Students’ plans must be
reviewed and approved by their faculty advisor. Program requirements are published in the
EITC catalog, which is available for students in electronic format.
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